Kinds of Online Services available

Internet has made our life easy going,time saving and wonderful. We can’t stay away even 1 minute from our mobiles and computers. So let’s see what kind of online services are available now days. All necessary things are available online today. Some of them are: online food delivery, dairy products delivery, beauty services, grocery products delivery, Online recharge services, clothing delivery services, online cake delivery services. All these are part of our life. It means a lot for a person who is working and can order all these things and fulfill all its basic needs just sitting at home. All you need is internet facility.

online cake delivery in Ghaziabad

The most demanding services among all these is online cake delivery services in Ghaziabad. The demand of online cake delivery in Ghaziabad has increased now days and people love to buy online rather than going to any shop. There are options available like cash on delivery or online payment for both the customers who want to order for themselves or want to send to their loved ones.

One of the popular online cake services is Winni. Winni offers best variety of cakes in Ghaziabad. All kinds of cakes can be ordered like shape cakes, drawing cakes, eggless cakes, photo cakes and many more. The main flavors which everyone likes are: black forest cake in Ghaziabad, double chocolate cake in Ghaziabad, pineapple cake in Ghaziabad, vanilla cake in Ghaziabad etc. Midnight cake delivery in Ghaziabad is also available. Do order these cakes and celebrate relations in best manner.

Vote for your Favorite Cake

Let’s see today which one is your favorite cake.We will show lots of variety of cakes today.Which cake you want to have on your birthday. Let’s check different types of cakes. There are seven types of cakes which is in trend now which are normal flavors cakes, eggless cakes, heart shape cakes, shape cakes, photo cakes, drawing cakes and cheese cakes. Lets see what are the normal flavor cakes.

online cake delivery in Bhopal

General Flavors of cakes are: black forest cake, double chocolate cake, pineapple cake, vanilla cake. More flavors are: Kiwi flavor cake, choco truffle cake, butterscotch cake,mango cake, black current cake, blueberry cake, choco almond cake, choco walnut cake, choco vanilla cake etc.Now the eggless cake, the only difference in these cakes is eggless part. No egg is there in these cakes.Now comes to heart shape cakes. Hear shape cakes are in shape of heart. Sample image of cake is below.

Next is shape cakes. Shape cakes are very decent cakes. According to your theme party, one can go for shape cakes. For example cartoon shape cakes, weeding shape cakes etc. Now the photo cakes, these are very special cakes in which one can go for personal photo to be printed on the cake which is eatable cream.

Same with drawing cakes also. Drawing cakes are the one in which particular character is draw from cream. The difference between drawing cakes and photo cake is photo cakes are those in which your personal photo is printed on cake but in drawing cake one has to draw the particular character.Last one is cheese cakes.

Cheese cakes are made from cheese ingredients. Different flavors of cheese cakes are available like blueberry cheese cakes, mango cheese cakes etc. I think everyone wants to know that how can we order all these cakes. The simplest way is order online cake delivery in Bhopal. The most known company for cake delivery service is Winni. Winni provides all these types of cakes in Bhopal. One can also go for midnight cake delivery in Bhopal. The hot selling flavors are: black forest cake in Bhopal, double chocolate cake in Bhopal, pineapple cake in Bhopal, vanilla cake in Bhopal etc.

Moral of the blog: All variety of cakes are discussed. Cakes like shape cakes, drawing cakes, photo cakes, heart shape cakes and cheese cakes. Let’s see which is your favorite. Comment below and vote for your favorite cake.

Mumbai- a city with great charm for the celebrations always rejoices the birthday with cakes and the celebration is not complete with the cutting ceremony. On the way it starts with the cake and ends with dancing. The choice with the celebration remains still a big thing and people away from the loved ones who stay away from the Mumbai want to send well wishes through some token of love which also should create a factor in the mind of receiver and he remembers it for a longer time. The cake being the quintessential thing on the day has a different meaning and makes the ambience, inner and outer beautiful and splendid. Winni , online cake delivery in Mumbai  care the emotions behind the occasion and then guarantees the certain thing in service like quality and show.

Online cake delivery in mumbai

Winni having umpteen numbers of options in the cake section along with eggless cakes and heart shape cakes which could be delivered in Mumbai on the same day of placing order. Midnight cake delivery in Mumbai is an option to exercise for the nearest friend as in a little cost it will make up the surprise and you will never look back for it. Many a times cakes are accompanied with flower or flower arrangements , so , winni also offers online flowers delivery in Mumbai which is equally reliable with cake one as we have tied with many number of vendors .


Mumbai people have a new perspective towards an occasion but the essence remains the same all over India. Being Human the people always love to be engaged and appreciated. The love shared is love spread and with this mantra of enabling the love to be shared in the easiest and most efficient way. People from Mumbai can also send the gifts to other parts of India as Winni has gone online with the gifts delivery in near about 500 cities covering much geography.

Wedding cake in Gurgaon- online cake delivery by Winni

Wedding is the most important occasion in anyone’s life because it decides the future of the individual and as per Indian tradition it is the cause of paramount importance. Winni – online cake delivery in Gurgaon is up for it. We have wedding cake in Gurgaon and now order can be placed for delivery in Gurgaon for the wedding cake. It will be delivered from the local vendor with the keen focus on quality of cake. Wedding cakes that are made with sophistication and elegance to magnify the felicity of your special day. One can pick from the large variety of options that we have on our website.

online cake delivery in gurgaon

After the ceremony is over people like to make the moments memorable and it is not complete without the wedding cake. People can order the cake for the occasion and winni will deliver the extravagance of the occasion with elaborate design. The professional are so trained that they make the occasion creative with their art work. Wedding being the moment of the life and people never compromise with the celebration and love to be in the lovely mood.

online cake delivery in Gurgaon

Midnight cake delivery in Gurgaon is the special service which can definitely impact the celebration a lot and the love shared become the premium choice for the people of Gurgaon. A luscious cake that is filled with flavour and has that wedding vibe with some flowers incorporated with another detailing is what you need for weddings. The wedding becomes memorable with the cake sent by some friend who is not present at the location and want to be engaged with the couple happiness.

Online Cake Delivery in Mumbai- A new concept to serve Mumbai people

Online cake delivery in Mumbai is not a new concept as many renowned players were serving Mumbai from a decade ago but the emergence of online retail and popularity of payment mode option has made many players to enter the market. At present there are more than 200 players operating in the field. The competitiveness in the market evolves the quality and prices at optimum level. The most important part being in the niche is the non availability of COD (Cash on Delivery). Most of the players target market being long distance relationship like capitalizes on the aspect of look of the product rather than feel of the product but we at winni has different approach where we take feedback from the customer for the quality of the cake, flower gifts along with the way of delivery.

online cake delivery in mumbai

Mumbai with its huge population and expanding to suburban areas of Thane, Badlapur, Dombivali, Amberghat, Panvel and many more has lot of potential for online cake delivery. The variety also affects the view of the customer. The people of Mumbai love to have options as being the most advanced people in India, therefore we have all variety of cakes like butterscotch cake, vanilla cake, chocolate cake, black forest cake and many types of fruit cakes along with theme cake as well.

Midnight cake delivery in Mumbai is an option which is very much loved by the people of Mumbai. They like to send surprise right at the night so that the person can feel his importance and for the city which works day and night are up always for it. The price factor also play role but a meager one as the people do not resist spending a small amount extra for the celebration of the moments. The value of the moment is immortal and many want to live it up to the fullest.

Celebrate the Birthday of Father of Nation: Cleanliness is next to Godliness

The father of nation was a socio-economic person and has many ambitions and one of them was ‘cleanliness’. Winni -the online cake delivery in Chennai celebrate the Gandhi Jayanti with the same concept of “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. The “Swacch Bharat Campaign” drive by Narendra Modi is making impact all over India and we are celebrating the Gandhi Jayanti by an initiative of cleaning the localities around our office. The employees are invited to join the initiative and they have given approval regarding the same. Further we have decided to go ahead with a step of providing knowledge about the clean environment in the slums.

Winni Chennai

The cleanliness is one of the thing of the prime importance as it arises a sense of confidence and feel good factor among the people and thus the increase in productivity on social parameters can be established. The social parameters are measured in terms of “human Development Index” and the clean environment constitute a bigger part and it has become a prime need to people to keep the environment clean and healthy. The inherent understanding is required to be developed so that the cleanliness can be brought under the conscience in itself will drastically alter and improve the standard of cleanliness in India.


In spite of so many institution working for the environment, many government and private institution also need to get involved in the awareness of not making our common properties filthy and dirty. We have to draw lessons from the articulations and cynicism amongst the so many erudite who has been vertical of the campaign and are being sceptical about the success of the thought in making a  society as a better place to live in. Winni provider of midnight cake delivery in Chennai is committed to the thought and will help to the thought as much as possible.

cakes chennai

Chennai- Frugal Lifestyle defining Simplicity

The people are simple and sweet. They don’t believe in show-off and love to celebrate a lot. The weather is hot and humid and beaches are awesome. Marina Beach being second longest in the world has its own charm and beauty. Chennai being one of the most important part during British rule is one the biggest job generating cities in India. The social infrastructure has grown and there is no dearth of facilities. There are so many hospitals, malls, clubs, flyovers and Information technology companies which are driving growth for the city. The City is not behind any other city in educational infrastructure. The city is well connected through bus and the transport is cheap and economical. Large number of industrial and residential building have developed and developing at very fast pace. Good view of skyscrapers along with nice stadium and cricket grounds

online cake delivery in Chennai

Chennai people love to shop and thus mall and markets are developed across every locality. The food habits are diverse and love for food can be satiated in Chennai. The celebrations are extreme and people want to wish to their loved ones living in Chennai through online cake delivery in Chennai via many online platforms like Winni. The quirk quotient id high and people love to have varieties in life and it has become the spice of life. The police being the most active here in Chennai has a good night life. Pubs are open till night and people love to rejoice any occasion at the brink of midnight. Winni provides the midnight cake delivery in Chennai at very affordable and reasonable cost.

midnight cake delivery in Chennai

The spirit of the people has to be saluted as there is place for everybody to live and enjoy in Chennai. Every section of people want to admire and establish themselves as a part of the Chennai Culture.

The People of Gurgaon: Maximum Expression with maximum engagements

Many unspoken words are popular when it comes to sharing your wishes to the loved ones and many services like online cake delivery in Gurgaon as it offers spaces, avenues, methods, style to express the unconstrained emotions to yourself and others as well. Online cake delivery on an occasion is a new child in the town, making waves across the country, with multiple way of traversing the messages with different platforms operating online sprouting all over the City.

cake delivery in Gurgaon

Sending cake online to Gurgaon though remain silence but has very powerful and vocal impact on the sentiment of person’s mind which strike the right chord among the relation. The People all over the country is becoming lot more accessible with these types of platforms enabling, with the language of sending wishes, which drives the honest and show of love in the most convenient way. Many a times if the relationship is conjugal, the compliments filled with the minutes shared allows for maximum engagement with maximum expression. The wait and the eagerness increases the importance of the occasion and becomes not lesser than a historical even in the life of the people.

Online cake delivery in Gurgaon

The sender also feels a lot better as if he is able to do something without being present physically and the mind becomes an incredibly encouraging environment for being moved up with the happiness. The service and quality fronts also becomes the subject matter as a small mishap can kill all the fascination for the moment and also becomes a ruined moment. There are people very sceptical of the service provided by these online cake retailers in Gurgaon and find it utterly insane to send a cake online to somebody. The midnight cake delivery concept has a very different aspect associated with it which makes the relation much more lively and Enjoyable.

Kolkata- A rich heritage culture and unique celebrations.

Since Kolkata was the main stay of English Government and was capital of India till 1911. The English impact of the culture and society can be seen very much. The English opened schools for English education and also emphasised on the propagation of Education through the proliferation of art and culture across Kolkata. The English Parties and celebrations has new colour and new code which finally gets embedded with the people of Kolkata. There were many literary activist who emerged at that time and shaded the keen aspects of society.

online cake delivery in Kolkata

The celebrations at that time had a distinct aura and consecrations for English. They usually celebrate with cake and wine followed by music. The people who got associated with the British culture also got influenced by them. There were many freedom fighters and freedom revolution which became very famous and their leaders were very inspirational and follow celebrations like Durga Pooja to arouse the felling of nationalism among the newer generations.


The online cake delivery in Kolkata is the new concept which is very much pervading in Kolkata. The people from Kolkata stays all over India and they love to send cake and flowers in the form of wishes so that their loved ones should not feel the absence of them on occasions as celebrations are one of the dominant part of life in Kolkata. There is a new liability in the relation is to care for it and satisfy the relatives in the best possible manner. The Bengali Culture though seems very individualistic but have the hunger for rejoicing the love and affinity. Special People send special cake for midnight cake delivery in Kolkata which definitely make a different impact. This is a very common among the people who are working with information technology sector and love to follow the aspirations and culture of the west.


How Chennai celebrates its important day?

Winni Chennai

The craze for living life of the people of Chennai is extreme. Recently with the release of “Rajnikanth” Movie, Tamil Nadu Government declared Holiday and theatres were tightly packed on Friday. Such is the intensity of people towards a star or movie. Is this some form of Man Worship? Or is it the way of living collectively and celebrating a form of entertainment as festival where norms and traditions are followed?

midnight cake delivery in Chennai

The zeal and vigour which get generated in the people of Chennai with the release of movie cannot be understood as there is some factors which is larger than life and goes beyond the expectation of basic phenomenon. The people feel an ultimate relation with the character in the movies and becomes much more than entertainment as the degree of association becomes infinite. Even the hilarious punches of the stars become trends, dialogue and song become calling ringtone and the way of celebration become the moment of life.

The celebration in Chennai becomes like a religious worship and birthdays are celebrated with a great show. The person become exhilarated. There are so many IT companies in Chennai where so many people work, belonging to different states and culture. People from home town like to use service of online cake delivery in Chennai and like to order cake online for Chennai. Now it has become easier to send cakes online to Chennai.  There are so many cakes with different taste and flavour is available with us. The delivery can be dome within 3-4 hours of placing the order. There is a special service for midnight cake delivery in Chennai which is guaranteed.