Impact of demonetization in India.

Demonetization alludes to stopping of current cash units and ejecting those money units with new coin units. It is an outstanding choice and it impacts every one of the subjects of the nation in light of the fact that overnight all the cash you have turned into a bit of paper which has no esteem on the off chance that you don’t trade it with new coin units or store it in the banks.

Advantages of Demonetization

  1. The greatest favorable position of demonetization is that it helps the assembly to track individuals who are having substantial gross of unaccounted money or money on which no wage assess has been paid in light of the fact that many individuals who acquire black money keep that cash as trade out their homes or in some riddle put which is extremely hard to discover and when demonetization happens all that money is of no esteem and such individuals have two alternatives one is to store the cash in financial balances and pay imposes on such sum and second choice is to let the estimation of that money diminished to zero.


  1. Since dark cash is utilized for immoral exercises like fear based oppression subsidizing, betting, government elusion furthermore blowing up the cost of real resources classes like land, gold and because of demonetization all such exercises will get reduce for quite a while furthermore it will take years for individuals to create that measure of black money again and subsequently in a way it helps in putting an end this hover of individuals doing unlawful exercises to gain black money and utilizing that black money to accomplish more immoral exercises..



  • E-commerce and Fintech

1) Payment gateways

2) Cards

3) Mobile wallets

4) Online retail

5) Net and payment banks

6) e-marketplace

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  • Agriculture
  • Luxury goods
  • Real Estate
  • Commodities
  • Traditional Retail
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There is no problem to those who know how to do online payments and swapping cards on shops like super markets etc. And it has been noticed that there is no negative effect on e-commerce companies like gifting company’s winni celebrate relations.  So for those who wants to send gifts, cake and flowers no need to worry for them because winni gives you all kinds of flowers variety in Bangalore. One can send and order flowers in Bangalore very easily and quick on time delivery option is also available as we all know traffic is a huge problem so there is a need to send flowers to Bangalore.

Online cake and flowers delivery in Goa

The  Christmas is the symbol of Love! It is the crazy time when we spread joy and euphoria around the earth. We can send Christmas wishes cards and presents to our friends  and family to make feel them special. Sending welcoming card and celebration wishes are turned out to be more simple than customary style.

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There are more Free Android applications accessible on Google commercial center. We can send the personal message with the online cake delivery in Goa, online flowers delivery in goa  I will list few  website  to make Christmas gift and cakes.


Goa is the excellent place to come to observe Christmas. Its brilliant illuminated wherever in that part of the year. There is heaps of drinking, devouring, and cheerful making and the entire state has a superb appeal to it.

As all of you know, Christmas is about the great and enjoying occasion . Presents are the exchange and Santa Claus brings presents for some kids. Spruce up in the finest garments and eat nonveg, generally known for midnight mass. Music and move are a vital part of the festivals. It is awesome to see that Christmas festivities are not simply limited to Christians. Individuals having a place with various groups share in the festival with incredible energy and excitement.

Flower Delivery in Mumbai- A way to send lovely wishes

Nowadays it is very easy to send flowers to Mumbai as Winni has laid its step for the online flower delivery in Mumbai. The financial capital of India has embraced the western culture and they have generated a sense to appreciate the aura associated with flowers. Though different flowers are interpreted in different way and an every flower has a different meaning associated with it. Flowers are mortal and the moments are also mortal. The celebration only last for a while and the flowers give a sense of cheerfulness if gifted to a person. The smile of the person becomes invaluable whenever a person sees a flowers or bouquet of flowers on special occasions like birthday and anniversary. People have generated a culture of give flower bouquets on parties and the consumption is biggest in political arena.

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Flowers are the best gift any one can give because it is attributing to the emotions and in the materialistic and mundane world; flowers make the person feel good, energizes from within and make the atmosphere full of optimism. Flowers are the most simple and the most influencing thing that a person can give to his friends who understands most in the world.


The variety is the spice of life and Winni provide variety in flowers like roses, carnations, gladiolas, rajni gandha, bird of paradise, orchid and lilies. Sometimes flowers are also accompanied with cakes, and chocolates. Midnight cake delivery of cake is also an option which is admired by people of Mumbai.

Gurgaon – a better place to live than Delhi

Right after Diwali , Delhi was the most polluted place in the world, schools were closed, and construction works were stayed for few days. The number of vehicles in Capital city is increasing as multiple vehicles are there in one house. Are people willing to stay at the place where the pollution level is so high? Aren’t they concerned about the health condition of them and their children? The most convenient option is to move to the outskirts of the Delhi like Gurgaon, Noida , Ghaziabad, Sonipat and Faridabad. Gurgaon is the best option for people working in IT firms in Gurgaon and with the development of so many options of purchasing the things and to add on to that all the basic need items are delivered when ordered online as well. Even for the celebration of Birthdays people are opting for online cake delivery in Gurgaon and cakes get delivered at the doorsteps. There is also a service available for midnight delivery of cake in Gurgaon for making the occasion more special.

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So many societies and apartments are getting developed and people are moving there for the dwelling purposes. The relationships are being over a time and need to be nurtured regularly especially in case of occasions like marriage, anniversary, birthdays and festivals, Gifts are exchanged on these occasions but even if the person is far away , one can use online delivery service for sending cakes on birthdays to Gurgaon.

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Delhi – known for its lifestyle is becoming a place where people are facing problems of air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution. The government is very keenly focused on keeping it down and making it a better place for living in. The steps like diesel vehicles are banned and increasing tax on more than one vehicle and the famous odd even formula are the things which implemented in proper fashion can reduce the level.


KANPUR- City of New and Old Era of Celebration with online cake delivery

The Industrial city was one of the advanced cities about 100 years back and was manufacturing Hub. This allowed many families to settle down in Kanpur. The culture evolved thereafter of mingling socially. The invitations are given to everybody in the society as there are no people belonging to single native place. All these also have their professional and personal bonding. Among children celebration of birthday is the first step where MOM and Dad get acknowledge with other through these parties. Relative like to opt for online cake delivery in Kanpur for choosing and sending cakes on birthdays. Winni is having a good network of vendors in Kanpur where delivery can be done even on same day in 3 hours.

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The people who initially migrated to Kanpur got settled there and they have given their children quality education which had effect that many children have become engineers and managers who are away from the city. They like to send cakes and flowers on birthdays anniversaries etc and look for a viable platform and a good rating website which deliver their gifts. The most common item being sent on birthdays are cake and sometimes it also gets accomplished with flowers. Since the city has grown and there is a reasonable night life due to the education institutes there. Midnight cake delivery of cake in Kanpur is getting common these days.

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Everything about the occasion being celebrated requires the material as a token which everyone can enjoy. The smashing and putting cake on face is the trend which is even there in Kanpur. Kanpur is a potential area for the delivery of certain items and hence there are more than 10 vendors developed so far which can serve the city in 2 hours.

Online cake delivery in Vadodara(baroda)

Vadodara or Baroda otherwise called sanskari Nagri or social legacy city is a better than average place to live. Vadodara(Baroda) people’s are very decent and calm comparable with other cities. Because I am a working in which provides online cake delivery in Vadodara(Baroda) and online flowers delivery in Vadodara(Baroda) then we were providing cash on delivery in all over India, But many cities people do not cooperate with us. They had canceled the order at the delivery time and many circumstances they were playing with delivery boys then it was very hectic for a company, But Vadodara people are very cooperative.   It has a worldwide culture, great Education foundations and numerous company open doors for employment and business. It has a great student population, It’s a family situated place, commonly Gujrati. You will easily discover parks, motion pictures, shopping centers and many places to fun. I likewise trust it’s an exceptionally safe place, Yes. It’s a generally little city and one can complete off visiting the whole city in a week. It is considered, It is the great availability of Air port, Railway station, and Bus station.

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One of the better-known reality that Baroda is considered of global air terminal as well.

I was astonished I could go near 20km for just Rs. 21 in  auto. It’s an extremely young place, you will see bunches of youth at a large portion of the spots well in parks as well, communicating their love…and I was surprised  to find that nobody had an issue… in the event that you are a Gujarati, you will fit into Baroda effectively. And another hand, Vadodara is the safe city for the women. Many surveys happened by the organization based on safety and security then Vadodara comes at the first position of safety or security.

Gurgaon- tapestry of larger than life with online cake delivery


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Gurgaon is the adjacent city of Delhi which has recently developed and has attracted huge investment across many sectors. The mostly developed part of Gurgaon is the upcoming projects of reality. People shifted from Delhi to Gurgaon so that commuting become easier for office and get away from the pollution of Delhi. Since most of the Delhi people has shifted from Delhi so the cultural patterns are very akin to Delhi. The celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries and festivals are very much extreme and people love to spend on these occasions. Birthdays are celebrated with cake and people opt for online cake delivery service in gurgaon for ordering of cake. Winni provides same day delivery of cakes in Gurgaon within 3 hours. Since government is trying to demonetize the currency so it becomes easy for people to order cake online for Gurgaon.

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Lifestyle followed by people in gurgaon is very vivacious as people love to have a car, want to enjoy the celebration in the royal style and love to go on tour. The people love have materialistic wishes but these wishes are brings happiness and joy to the person and family. The material things are becoming equivalent to the value of emotion as the cake and flowers sent by somebody carry those sentimental feelings. The exposure to the outside side world through technology also has added a sense of natural enjoyment. People tend to emulate the lifestyle of western world which is much more towards fun and thrill. One part of the thrilling in relationship is the midnight cake delivery in gurgaon which is almost lived by everybody. The surprise is one of the mode of making feel important and showing that the day starts from the midnight itself. So the people of gurgaon love to enjoy thrill and make the celebrations best in the world through various means available online and offline.


How much the monetization will affect gifting?

Gifting lavish items are a common trend in the gifting arena for many people as it shows the essence of relationships and the bond of the relationship is strengthened a lot with the gifting. Winni- online cake delivery in Chennai has seen a positive effect in the recent days because of the monetization step taken by government. Monetization is causing problem in the near term but very beneficial for the longer term. The cashless economy is the ideal economy and with the acknowledgement of so many tenders online from education to purchasing sector, this could be possible.  The step can put reins to bigger corruption and will affect the realty sector the most. The gifting market will definitely get a bloom as people would like to pay online, since people send gifts to other online and want to pay upfront.

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In Chennai ,where the cashless transaction are very common at the malls ,super markets are paying online for order of cake in Chennai because many traders are now having online system for Payment. The step taken by government will surely boost the employment as many companies will come into picture to enable people to carry the cashless transactions. Reserve bank of India also has to release the norm to keep away the chaos in the society. A robust infrastructure is required to enable the cashless transaction and to work it on large scale throughout the country; larger system is required for tendering. Banks will have to take care of more transactions.


Now people will use to use online system for payments and for even smaller payment like cakes and flowers which is gifted will be done by cards. People have become advanced and like to avail midnight cake delivery in Chennai to surprise their loved ones.

Use your credit/debit card instead of Rupee 500 and 1000 online cake delivery in Goa.

Prime minister Narendra Modi has reported that Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 money notes are illicit as of midnight.

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My Wife and I cleared out for a street trip alongside our family on November 8 in a transport. Between the 6 individuals, we conveyed about Rs 30,000 money and the majority of the notes were of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000. On the night of November 9, we were in Goa eating when we became acquainted with about the news that these notes will never again be acknowledged and that banks and ATMs will likewise stay shut. Every one of us started to freeze the money. We likewise had children in the gathering who need unique nourishment or need to purchase new things whatever see on the Goa streets. Our first response was that we’d need to stop our trip and come back to Bangalore. While we had our credit cards, most senior nationals were just conveying money with them. This made some bedlam and the way that we were in the insides of Goa where we didn’t know where the closest ATM just become a cake delivery in goa

In any case, after a few experiments  and thinking obviously, we understood it was not that terrible and we could oversee by making card installments. We knew we could clear our in charge utilizing our cards. Rather than venturing out to eat at nearby eateries, we chose to eat at the inn’s eatery itself with the goal that we could pay by check card. After that next day today (11 November  2016) my daughter birthday and We don’t have money in cash. I love my daughter. I don’t want to miss my Daughter Birthday celebration. And I want to purchase the cake for her. So my husband gives my idea  you can purchase cake online. Then I had type online cake delivery in Goa, Google shows me some list of online cake company and I chose Because my previous experience was good with this website. I ordered one cake and online yellow flowers.


How to feel fresh?

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First, you decide you want to become an owl and bird. Because of owl active in a whole night but bird active in a day. And mostly people do not sleep at night and not take rest according to a body. If you want to happy, fresh with health then you need to follow the time. I would like to share some daily routine to help to be fresh.

1).  Start day with green tea:

Green tea is a very effective for the heart and our skin. You should start yours with green tea. green tea also is also good for the brain.

2). Brush cleanly:

Every person cleans the teeth but some people, not clean tongues. Tongue have many bacteria and germs you need to clean both teeth and tongue as well as.

3). Exercise:

After green tea and clean the teeth then you have to do exercise, But not much more only 10 to 15 minutes.

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4). Take breakfast.

Juice and fruits are very good for the breakfast. It is a very energetic.

5). Coffee:

Every day you should take one cup of coffee. Because coffee has more minerals and vitamins.

6). Chocolates:

Chocolates are very good for the memory and concentration. If eat one bit of chocolate before the study and any work then your concentration is so high compare with normal. you can eat any thing who made chocolates like now chocolate tea is more famous in the market and you can also eat chocolate cake. If you like the cake and you eat cake regularly then stop normal cake because this cake is not good for your health, Chocolate cake so good for health. if you eat chocolate cake then your memory is being fast. Because pure chocolate using in a cake, This is not a normal chocolate. Chocolate cake is good to compare with chocolate. If you are not able to go market then you also give online cake delivery in Vadodara. I heard about one company it is the good company for cakes.

7). Keep flowers.

Flowers is reduced the mental pressure you can keep flowers with you. Like in office, home and any other place your workstation you should keep flowers because when we see the flowers then our eyes feel fresh. You can order online flowers delivery in Vadodara daily bases.

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