Flowers: the wonderful gift for plentiful occasions

Flowers are the one of the most beautiful or oldest kind of gifts known in the human being. In the past many people did not have an opportunities to buy expensive gifts for their loved ones, so they found the sweetest gift that is the flowers. A beautiful flower will always be a suitable type of gift for every special occasions and can make the occasion unforgettable. It is very important to understand what different flowers mean so you will know how to show your feelings for someone special person in your life. Whether It is someone’s wedding, anniversary or birthday celebration, sending them a beautiful flower bouquet conveys the sender’s feelings of love and care profitably. Winni gives you variety choice of beautiful flower arrangements to celebrate your special day with your special one by online flower delivery in Pune.  Sending a gorgeous flower bouquet online for a special day can make the receiver feel happy and create a sweet smile on their face. There are a few occasions on that flowers are frequently sent as attractively as the applicable flowers for these types of events.

1 Birthday Celebration



Generally everyone likes to receive stunning flower bouquets on their birthday celebration. Many people send the flowers in consonance to the zodiac sign of the recipient. If you want to select flowers that are a symbol of joy, friendship and happiness then you can choose white, yellow or pink colour different types of flowers like rose, orchid, gerbera, daisy, carnation etc. These beautiful flowers show the balmy feelings a person.

2 Anniversaries


Show or express your love has grown over the years with the beautiful flower bouquet along with red or pink roses and more arrangements. Different flowers are appropriate on anniversary.

3 Valentine’s Day



Valentine’s Day is an amazing day for lovers and red colour is the symbol of love. So red flowers such as roses, orchids or carnation are provided on this special day.

4 Mother’s Day



It is the day when everyone show their love and care to their mothers. Usually white, pink and yellow flowers are offered on this particular day. Carnations and daises flower are the best flower for this amazing day.

5 Father’s Day



On father’s day kids show their affection to their father. Usually so many people buy yellow flowers like sun flowers, carnations and roses.

Decoration on cakes with wow factor

There are many ways to be creative and decorative to make your every event special. Some of the traditional yet best ways would be through centerpieces flower arrangements, beautiful cake decorating ideas and party favors. Even lighting a place where we celebrate the party is a part of decorations, with candles for an intimate dinner or arranging a large music event like couple dance on a slow song or group dance. You can order a cake via online at your doorsteps by Winni’s order cake online in Pune delivery services and make your occasion more blissful with the presence of cake.



A person’s personal taste will influence the decorations for a specific event. Before you decide just remember you are trying to keep in line with a theme for that specific person. Decorations are also a great idea to impress a person or an outlet for the special person’s personality to show through. If it’s an office party then you might purchase little bottles of liquor to impress your client, and you can also use this concept in the bachelor party.

To get more ideas regarding decorations for party or any special event you can suggest some books, magazines and event you have attended. One of the important aspect on decoration of party is a delicious decorative cake. Every occasions or events needs to finish with a little something sweet dish. What more dish in this case is better serve than a cake. Cakes with their pastel colors and looks held center stage at any occasions or large events. Specialty cakes are now becoming the creative icing on any occasions. Now special cake shops create visual art with their decorative cake design tricks and photographs. You can just order customized cakes online to get your cake at your home.

When you are looking for something to make a special event more memorable, nothing will good serve as a cake in this case. Cakes consist of layers are mainly we prefer for big or grand party. Add a special tour to your special event with a beautiful cake which is perfect solution to adding a special touch to any event or celebration. Choose from several different varieties of cake to get exactly what you are looking for your different occasions. Give a beautiful and elegant finish to your celebration party with the piece of a cake on your celebrant face.

Bring smile on your beloved’s face by a surprise midnight cake delivery

Cakes in the archaic world were used by people as offerings to the gods and spirits. The cake made in round shaped like the moon at yield time to honour the Chinese moon goddess. The cake which is the best part of celebration now a days was first made in the middle of the 19th century. Even now a days, cakes take the dignity of place in any celebration. That’s the reason when we think of any party or ceremonies first thing that comes to our mind is cakes. Again cake at midnight is a best concept for any occasion. Order cake for midnight cake delivery in Hyderabad and make your celebration more charismatic with a beautiful cake of Winni. Kid cakes with different cartoon character are the joy of each party. They are full of fun and imaginative.


Midnight wish is the best wish concept that everyone will love the surprise. Arrange a special midnight wish for your special person with a midnight cake delivery in Hyderabad by Winni along with your different special gifts. We have absolutely come a long way from the time we baked a simple cake. Cakes today come in unimaginable sizes, design, occasions and flavours. But the message on cake remains stable and flawless. Cake tells us you are important and we love you from all the heart. A special day and occasions deserves a special designer and delicious cake. Simply we can say, we serve cake as a sweet dish at all momentous times in the revolution of life. Cakes can be as garnished as a multi-tiered and elegant imply wedding cake, ring ceremony cake made using the finest and best elements, or essentially like a simple plum without any added amenity.

Cakes is always served at all our special occasions because they represents our best succulent and offers honour to our most loved people. Just like time old times when it was considered an honour to be honoured with a yummy cake, today also we share the same feelings about the cakes.

Cakes a must have or minimum need for a special occasion is because it will show that the person you bought it for is how much special or important for you and this ethic or thought can be traced to that person way back to the olden times. In those times, the elements are used to bake a cake were expensive. Even now a days there are very expensive cakes, but the basic ingredients of the cake are no longer expensive. Now many things have changed over the years, when it comes to baking a cake, the message still holds through. By gifting a beautiful and delicious cake you show someone that how much you care and love them.

We bake or order a cake simply to surprise our beloved but if its midnight cake then it will be more effective. Even important occasions and celebrations such as corporate events now call for a special cake matching to their requirement. Give a cake along with different gifts like chocolate, flowers, cards along with your special someone right at midnight. It will always carries a special charm which will stick in the receiver’s heart forever.

A cake for your special event to convey your feelings to your special someone

Cakes are the appetizing and best way to rejoice any occasion. No occasion and celebration will be complete with a cake cutting ceremony. It is considered as the most sumptuous dessert that is served at the end of the meal to make our taste sweet. Cakes are the perfect and vivacious way to convey the wishes for the recipient on their special moment such as anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, wedding, baby showers and farewell parties and especially on birthdays. These are focal point and center of attraction for birthday party. Various icing and frosting cakes are available in different exotic flavors such as vanilla, butterscotch, strawberry and pistachio, Black Forest, mango, caramel, chocolate, pineapple and many more.



There are many online portals across the globe who is selling fresh and luscious cake in online. You can get any type of cake as per your requirements such as size, quantity, flavor and budget at these stores for your special someone to convey your heartiest feelings. You can choose the online portal for your online cake delivery. These people even ship the cake to your destination at a faster pace without charging a single penny for shipping. For instance, if you want to give a valentine cake to your girlfriend or wife who is not with you at that time, then you can convey your wishes and love via these online stores. These people reduce distance and strengthen the love between you and your beloved ones. Order online cake delivery in Delhi to delight all occasion with a beautiful smile on your special one’s face.



Now Mother’s day is on the way. Plan a surprise party for the best lady of your life and tell them with your surprise that how much you love her. It’s the time to celebrate the most important woman of your life, your Mom’s special day. Give a special surprise with some exotic gifts for your mother along with a delicious cake. Delight her beautiful face with a lovely smile with your surprise gift. Fascinate your mom’s face with something sweet dish in this Mother’s Day. A delicious Mother’s Day Cake with a mother’s day wish which has been freshly flavored and is topped with decorative icing to make the occasion memorable for your Mom with your memories in her heart. The thin slices of the irresistible cakes will make your Mom crave for more.



Give a sweet smile on this mother’s day with a beautiful cake along with some gift which your mother likes.

Birthday dessert trends with a cake

We have celebrated birthday with a cake adorned with candle since 1700s, when Kinderfesten birthday party celebrations for children became popular in Germany. Families added a candle for each year of their lives plus extra candles for the years to come. However, the phrase ‘Happy Birthday’ wish with our friends, family colleagues has only been fashionable for a little over 100 years when the famous song.



Family and friends are what makes parties special, but a cake can really empower or excite any occasion. Wistful and been remembering some of our favourite creations from over the years. Order online cake delivery in Delhi and enjoy your every moment with a blissful dessert with a cake. Enjoy different flavour cake in different design and shape and gift it to your special person in and delight all your occasions with a delicious cake. Whatever may be the occasion cakes are the precious and adorable gift to sweeten up your relationship. When it’s someone’s birthday cakes becomes the center of attraction in that event.



A birthday cake with your favourite flavor and design along with a romantic candle on it will make your celebration enchanting. Make a wish on your birthday by lighten up the candle on the cake and enjoy the true spirit of joy with your family, friends with a piece of cake. Go giggle your taste buds with the true flavor of cake.



Delhi is a city of hub and here people celebrate each and every festival with a lot of fun with a delicious cake. Order online cake In Delhi for your special someone’s birthday and make your occasion even more special with this sweet dessert. Make your birthday with different theme for your different person by presenting a delicious cake in Delhi for your friends, family and relatives.

Add glamour to your every celebration with a delicious cake

Human being would dream for cheerful moment in their life which can be possible through celebrations. Life is beautiful which is full of moments of pleasure, joy, success and comfort intersperse by defeat, problems, failure and misery. Every moment of our life is a celebration. There are many importance things in our life like exploring, growing, learning and loving. Celebration is another beautiful thing that everyone should take time for. Because celebration adds a happiness, excitement and a lot of fun to our life. In other words celebrations of all kinds give us the fun and excitement to keep making it through days that seem purposeless. We use celebration as an excuse to gather with the family, relatives or friends. Generally most of people have gone to a celebration in glory of someone’s wedding, birthday, anniversary or many more special day. But celebration can happen for different types of formal or informal reasons. It allows us to relax in the midst of busy life.


Without a delicious cake a celebration looks incomplete. Because a celebration cannot imagine without cake. Cake is very special thing for celebrating a special day. Generally every celebration is start with a cake and ends with a sweet like cake. A cake makes any celebration more interesting. It plays a very important role in any celebration. You can place order for different types of yummy cake online to celebrate your various celebration by online cake delivery in Delhi for Winni. There are different yummy flavours of cake in Winni such as butter scotch, pineapple, fruit cake, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and mangoes. Cakes are also available in different design, shape and size for all your special celebration.


The biggest key to getting the most out life is to have celebration for no reason at all. In holiday invite your friends over then cut a yummy cake, cook food and spend a few hours playing games which build your relationship more strong with your friends. Celebration fill our life with lot of fun and happiness but celebration with a cake make life more enjoyable. Celebration gives us an opportunity to celebrate all our special small or big moment. It is the best way to bring together and also to take time off from the daily routine.

How to make a delicious chocolate cake very easily

Cake is one kind of a popular food or dessert that the most people love to eat. Especially for a kids because they prefer eat cake more than other food. Cake not only tastes delicious but also present itself beautifully. On the other hand one of the best tasting thing in the world is chocolate. Even though there are many variety recipes for chocolate. You can order yummy chocolate cakes to celebrate all your parties or special occasion from Winni by online cake delivery in Pune. Now I will explain to you how to make a delicious or yummy chocolate cake which is very easy to make.



The first thing that we have to do is prepare all the necessary ingredients before we start to make a chocolate cake. The ingredients that we need are cake pan, large mixing bowl, electric mixer, cooling rack, measuring cups, a spatula and spoon. Then 1 cup sugar, 2 cup flour, 2 teaspoons baking soda, ½ teaspoon salt, 3 eggs, 1 cup light brown sugar, 1 cup sour cream, 4 ounces dark chocolate(melted), 1 table spoon vanilla extract, 1 cup strong brewed coffee and  ½ cup unsalted butter, at room temperature.



After all the ingredients ready first melt the butter in a large pan. At least halfway before adding the sugar and cocoa then stir constantly over medium low heat until everything is melted.  After that remove from heat and allow it to cool. Then in a big bowl add the flour, baking powder and also baking soda. You will end up with flat spots and huge bubbles in the finished product. Make sure that the butter, sugar and chocolate mixture is cool enough. Then next mix in the vanilla, eggs, salt, the dry ingredients and the milk to the chocolate in alternating amounts. After finish all of that pour the butter into the floured baking dish, then bake at 370 degree for about 20-25 minutes. It is done when a toothpick stuck into the tallest part comes out clear. After the cake has had copious time to cool then use a spatula to spread the frosting on top. Finally stick number of candles into the cake’s top and light them. Lastly present your delicious or yummy cake to the special one.

Add a special touch your wedding with different flavour of wedding cakes

One of the best parts of wedding is the beautiful or testy cake. The wedding cake is a very important part of the celebration and signify much more than just a tasty dessert. Everyone spend a lot of time just to find the right or beautiful cake for their special day. A gorgeous wedding cake take center moment in the traditional cake cutting ceremony, symbolically the first responsibility that bride and groom perform jointly as husband and wife. The first piece of wedding cake is cut by the bride with the help of the groom. A wedding cake has to taste yummy or wonderful as well as being beautiful to look at. There are many different or wonderful types of wedding cakes to celebrate wedding. Winni offers you to celebrate all your special occasion or celebration with a yummy cake by online cake delivery in Delhi.  Winni cakes have the perfect balance of flavour, taste and freshness. You can choose different size, design and flavour cakes according to your occasion.

1 Red Velvet Cake1


Wedding should be remarkable with memorable and beautiful cakes. The red velvet cake is perfect for to celebrate our most memorable day. This gorgeous cake is a deep red colour but tastes like chocolate sponge cake. It looks gorgeous or impressive but it usually quite simple. Not only does the cake taste incredible, but it is coloured.

2 Chocolate Cake2


The second popular or famous wedding flavour cake is chocolate. Chocolate flavour cake remains to be one of the most popular wedding cake with so many different levels of richness and options for flavour pairing.

3 White Chocolate with Raspberry Cake333


Combining the sweet or delicious richness of white chocolate with the astringent fruitiness of raspberry is a leading combination that is climbing in popularity in now a days.

4 Vanilla Cake42


Many people or couples are choosing to go with tradition with a vanilla flavour wedding cake. It is an excellent and fun flavour cake

5 Pink Champagne Cake78 Source:

Pink champagne wedding cakes are most unique wedding cake. The pink colour of cake is achieved with food colouring dye. This cake is one of the better way to celebrate your wedding with your life partner.

Importance of flowers and their different role in our life

Flowers are plays an important or different role in every human’s life. When we see a beautiful flower it makes automatically a sweet smile on our face. It gives much pleasure to our mind and fill our day with lots of happiness and joy. The attractiveness, amazing colour or beauty of a flower allow us to carry our valuable messages such as congratulation, sorry, get well soon, sympathy, love, affection or many more for our dear ones. When you cannot express our feelings or emotions to someone special in our life through word at that time if you give a flower to the person it shows or says everything. You can celebrate all your special occasion with beautiful flower bouquet from Winni by online flowers delivery in Pune. There are many other uses of flowers in different places in our life. Such as

1 Role of flowers in decoration



Flowers are manifestly present on any special occasion or celebration be it wedding, marriage anniversary, birthday or many more. Every people like to decorate their house on any special occasion with beautiful flower arrangements. A beautiful or fresh flower on center of your home can create a soothing atmosphere for every one of your family. A garden with beautiful flowers is the best place to spend some times.

2 Role of different colour flowers



Every colour has a wonderful meaning and represent special emotional feelings in human’s mind. You can express your feelings or emotions with different colour flowers. Red colour flower is used to express your love towards someone special. White colour flower represents a new beginning. Black colour flower consume negative energy so it is very useful to carry something black with you to protect you from danger. Yellow colour flower is the symbol of friendship, practical thinker. Green colour flower is the great balancer of our heart and emotions. Pink colour flower is the symbol of unconditional love and romance.

3 Role of flowers related to beauty


Flowers are used to enhance the beauty of women by using as hair accessories and using in their different beauty products.

4 Role of flowers related to medicine



The most useful role of flowers in our life that flower have been used in medical sector around the world for centuries. Like in herbal medicines flowers and their ingredients are used to treat a wide range of disease.

With a delicious cake make this mother’s day happiest and highly memorable for your sweet mother

In India mother’s day is celebrated at second Sunday in the month of May every year. It is a very special day which has been dedicated to all mothers as well as respect her parenthood. In the form of mothers God has created a beautiful and guardian angel for everyone. Among all relation in our life the relation with our mother is really priceless or expensive. In this whole world mother is the only one person who can give us valuable advice whenever we feel the need at anytime and anywhere. She takes care of her kids about everything at each moment. She can also encourage us when we feel down. We cannot live without our mother because she is only one who never leaves us alone at any bad or good situation. When we laugh she becomes happy and when we cry she becomes sad.

So on mother’ day we get the golden opportunity to turn back to our sweet mother and show our love and affection towards her. Many people gift their mothers with stunning items or gifts such as flower bouquet, special mother’s day cup, greeting cards or many more which show that everyone want to assure that their mothers feel loved and appreciated for their attempt. You can wish your sweet mother on this mother’s day with a beautiful cake that you can get online from Winni by online cake delivery in Delhi. Surprise your mother on the occasion of mother’s day with our wide range of cakes which are available in different sizes and with every flavor. All our cakes are beautiful to look and the best to taste.



A beautiful cake is an integral part of every special celebration because any party or celebration is incomplete without cutting a cake. A small cake adds more extra charm in our surroundings with lots of fun, happiness and joy. It is a best way to express your feelings towards the sweetest person in your life that how much you love and care for them with a meaningful or with a loving message on top of it. You can buy happiness for someone through a cake and give to someone that will surely makes happier to the special person in your life. So this mother’s day treat your mother taste buds with delicious cake with online cake delivery in Delhi from Winni. It will definitely makes relationship more strong you’re your mother through its sweetness.