Flower Delivery in Mumbai- A way to send lovely wishes

Nowadays it is very easy to send flowers to Mumbai as Winni has laid its step for the online flower delivery in Mumbai. The financial capital of India has embraced the western culture and they have generated a sense to appreciate the aura associated with flowers. Though different flowers are interpreted in different way and an every flower has a different meaning associated with it. Flowers are mortal and the moments are also mortal. The celebration only last for a while and the flowers give a sense of cheerfulness if gifted to a person. The smile of the person becomes invaluable whenever a person sees a flowers or bouquet of flowers on special occasions like birthday and anniversary. People have generated a culture of give flower bouquets on parties and the consumption is biggest in political arena.

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Flowers are the best gift any one can give because it is attributing to the emotions and in the materialistic and mundane world; flowers make the person feel good, energizes from within and make the atmosphere full of optimism. Flowers are the most simple and the most influencing thing that a person can give to his friends who understands most in the world.


The variety is the spice of life and Winni provide variety in flowers like roses, carnations, gladiolas, rajni gandha, bird of paradise, orchid and lilies. Sometimes flowers are also accompanied with cakes, and chocolates. Midnight cake delivery of cake is also an option which is admired by people of Mumbai.

KANPUR- City of New and Old Era of Celebration with online cake delivery

The Industrial city was one of the advanced cities about 100 years back and was manufacturing Hub. This allowed many families to settle down in Kanpur. The culture evolved thereafter of mingling socially. The invitations are given to everybody in the society as there are no people belonging to single native place. All these also have their professional and personal bonding. Among children celebration of birthday is the first step where MOM and Dad get acknowledge with other through these parties. Relative like to opt for online cake delivery in Kanpur for choosing and sending cakes on birthdays. Winni is having a good network of vendors in Kanpur where delivery can be done even on same day in 3 hours.

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The people who initially migrated to Kanpur got settled there and they have given their children quality education which had effect that many children have become engineers and managers who are away from the city. They like to send cakes and flowers on birthdays anniversaries etc and look for a viable platform and a good rating website which deliver their gifts. The most common item being sent on birthdays are cake and sometimes it also gets accomplished with flowers. Since the city has grown and there is a reasonable night life due to the education institutes there. Midnight cake delivery of cake in Kanpur is getting common these days.

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Everything about the occasion being celebrated requires the material as a token which everyone can enjoy. The smashing and putting cake on face is the trend which is even there in Kanpur. Kanpur is a potential area for the delivery of certain items and hence there are more than 10 vendors developed so far which can serve the city in 2 hours.

Gurgaon- tapestry of larger than life with online cake delivery


cake delivery in gurgaon

Gurgaon is the adjacent city of Delhi which has recently developed and has attracted huge investment across many sectors. The mostly developed part of Gurgaon is the upcoming projects of reality. People shifted from Delhi to Gurgaon so that commuting become easier for office and get away from the pollution of Delhi. Since most of the Delhi people has shifted from Delhi so the cultural patterns are very akin to Delhi. The celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries and festivals are very much extreme and people love to spend on these occasions. Birthdays are celebrated with cake and people opt for online cake delivery service in gurgaon for ordering of cake. Winni provides same day delivery of cakes in Gurgaon within 3 hours. Since government is trying to demonetize the currency so it becomes easy for people to order cake online for Gurgaon.

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Lifestyle followed by people in gurgaon is very vivacious as people love to have a car, want to enjoy the celebration in the royal style and love to go on tour. The people love have materialistic wishes but these wishes are brings happiness and joy to the person and family. The material things are becoming equivalent to the value of emotion as the cake and flowers sent by somebody carry those sentimental feelings. The exposure to the outside side world through technology also has added a sense of natural enjoyment. People tend to emulate the lifestyle of western world which is much more towards fun and thrill. One part of the thrilling in relationship is the midnight cake delivery in gurgaon which is almost lived by everybody. The surprise is one of the mode of making feel important and showing that the day starts from the midnight itself. So the people of gurgaon love to enjoy thrill and make the celebrations best in the world through various means available online and offline.


How to celebrate the birthdays- online cake delivery in gurgaon

Birthdays are becoming one of those occasions in an individual life which is no lesser than a festival and the essence of celebrating become essential and people around the individual pours so many wishes through the various platforms available like facebook, whatapp or other social media. A person working in the office celebrates by cutting a cake which is ordered online nowadays. Colleagues opt for online cake delivery in Gurgaon to get the cake and make the friend and colleague happy.


Midnight cake delivery in Gurgaon is the option that people opt nowadays to impress their friends and relatives. This trend is common in bigger metro cities but slowly creeping in smaller cities. The culture is getting perpetrated through the whole country and the reciprocal patter is followed. If a person has received a cake on his birthday need to give the cake on the sender’s birthday. This has made the market to move at faster pace as now there is no hindrance in sharing the wishes.

online cake delivery in gurgaon

Winni offer the cake delivery service all over India in 488 cities which has created a system of sending cake and flowers to even remote corners and villages. The robust network of vendors makes it possible to bring smile on many faces. The mission is to make everybody celebrate birthday by cutting cake and evolves a culture of passiveness in the mind at least on one day. Birthdays are getting relevant and Winni with the unique vision is committed towards fulfilling it with great zeal and enthusiasm. So far many things have been achieved and many more yet to achieve. We are committed for the delivery of the cake and flowers to any part of India without fail. The variety is necessary to accommodate everyone so we have cake for everyone from 5 stars to normal cakes, eggless cakes to sugar free cakes, theme cake to photo cake . Flowers are also available for online flower delivery in Gurgaon which will definitely impress your loved ones.

Flowers: the wonderful gift for plentiful occasions

Flowers are the one of the most beautiful or oldest kind of gifts known in the human being. In the past many people did not have an opportunities to buy expensive gifts for their loved ones, so they found the sweetest gift that is the flowers. A beautiful flower will always be a suitable type of gift for every special occasions and can make the occasion unforgettable. It is very important to understand what different flowers mean so you will know how to show your feelings for someone special person in your life. Whether It is someone’s wedding, anniversary or birthday celebration, sending them a beautiful flower bouquet conveys the sender’s feelings of love and care profitably. Winni gives you variety choice of beautiful flower arrangements to celebrate your special day with your special one by online flower delivery in Pune.  Sending a gorgeous flower bouquet online for a special day can make the receiver feel happy and create a sweet smile on their face. There are a few occasions on that flowers are frequently sent as attractively as the applicable flowers for these types of events.

1 Birthday Celebration


Source: regionews.sumy.ua

Generally everyone likes to receive stunning flower bouquets on their birthday celebration. Many people send the flowers in consonance to the zodiac sign of the recipient. If you want to select flowers that are a symbol of joy, friendship and happiness then you can choose white, yellow or pink colour different types of flowers like rose, orchid, gerbera, daisy, carnation etc. These beautiful flowers show the balmy feelings a person.

2 Anniversaries

11Source: friendlymela.com

Show or express your love has grown over the years with the beautiful flower bouquet along with red or pink roses and more arrangements. Different flowers are appropriate on anniversary.

3 Valentine’s Day


Source: happywalagift.com

Valentine’s Day is an amazing day for lovers and red colour is the symbol of love. So red flowers such as roses, orchids or carnation are provided on this special day.

4 Mother’s Day


Source: happywalagift.com

It is the day when everyone show their love and care to their mothers. Usually white, pink and yellow flowers are offered on this particular day. Carnations and daises flower are the best flower for this amazing day.

5 Father’s Day


Source: happy-fathersdayquotes2015.com

On father’s day kids show their affection to their father. Usually so many people buy yellow flowers like sun flowers, carnations and roses.

Importance of flowers and their different role in our life

Flowers are plays an important or different role in every human’s life. When we see a beautiful flower it makes automatically a sweet smile on our face. It gives much pleasure to our mind and fill our day with lots of happiness and joy. The attractiveness, amazing colour or beauty of a flower allow us to carry our valuable messages such as congratulation, sorry, get well soon, sympathy, love, affection or many more for our dear ones. When you cannot express our feelings or emotions to someone special in our life through word at that time if you give a flower to the person it shows or says everything. You can celebrate all your special occasion with beautiful flower bouquet from Winni by online flowers delivery in Pune. There are many other uses of flowers in different places in our life. Such as

1 Role of flowers in decoration


Source: nanbargalsamayalkulu.com

Flowers are manifestly present on any special occasion or celebration be it wedding, marriage anniversary, birthday or many more. Every people like to decorate their house on any special occasion with beautiful flower arrangements. A beautiful or fresh flower on center of your home can create a soothing atmosphere for every one of your family. A garden with beautiful flowers is the best place to spend some times.

2 Role of different colour flowers


Source: choosephilippines.com

Every colour has a wonderful meaning and represent special emotional feelings in human’s mind. You can express your feelings or emotions with different colour flowers. Red colour flower is used to express your love towards someone special. White colour flower represents a new beginning. Black colour flower consume negative energy so it is very useful to carry something black with you to protect you from danger. Yellow colour flower is the symbol of friendship, practical thinker. Green colour flower is the great balancer of our heart and emotions. Pink colour flower is the symbol of unconditional love and romance.

3 Role of flowers related to beauty

4Source: fashup.pk

Flowers are used to enhance the beauty of women by using as hair accessories and using in their different beauty products.

4 Role of flowers related to medicine


Source: thealternativedaily.com

The most useful role of flowers in our life that flower have been used in medical sector around the world for centuries. Like in herbal medicines flowers and their ingredients are used to treat a wide range of disease.

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