Special Occasions – looking beyond celebrations

Cakes and flowers are the most favorite item to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, new year, valentine day etc but does anything goes beyond these celebrations. We value the sentiments and emotions beyond the sending of gifts. How ever every relation need nurturing and pampering, the special occasion becomes a timing to leap a step forward in the relation. Each individual behave differently with different scenario and situations and changes occurs in an individual relative to the ambiance and relationships one follows.

Cake and flower delivery services plays an important role in carry the individuals wishes along with the products to the concerned person. The gifts carry the emotion and the message which can be told over a phone but can be conveyed only with something like cake and flowers. The person understands the essence of the gift as it matters the most in the special occasions in his life.

Winni.in delivers cakes all over Bangalore with facilities like cash on delivery, free delivery, capture the moment etc to make the customer feel more about the emotions attached to gifting. We do not deliver gifts- we care for emotions, we make the person feel and celebrate relations.

winni.in the online gift store
winni.in the online gift store


Celebrate Valentine Day with Cakes and Flower

The valentine day celebration- a new way to celebrate love has increased the market for teddy, flowers, chocolates and cake. People want to celebrate exactly from the midnight itself. The services for midnight delivery are also available to make people cherish the moment right when the date begins.

Winni.in brings you and exclusive range of gifts and other items pertinent to the rejoicing of the special occasion. Every age usually celebrate the special day from school going teenagers to sexagenarians. The flowers being the symbolic of beauty and love becomes metaphor of life on the day for the person in love. Even the distance is shortened by online gift portals which delivers gifts, flowers, cakes , greeting cards to convey the love between to far apart people.

Log in winni.in and get best best quality cakes , flowers, and gifts like candles, figurines, quotations, greeting cards, photo frames etc. at unbeatable price with on time delivery through out bangalore. Same Day and Midnight Delivery also available.0010942_for_your_innocent_love

December-the season of celebrating happiness and to move on to new things with so many gifts.

Celebrating DecemberDecember- the last month of the year has more memories than rest of the year as people introspect their time passed through 11 months and want to come up with new motivation to move further in life. Every one wants to make present better than their past. Among this people acquire new relationships, forget some and then do a conjoint analysis of relation being fruitful to them. The weather also shows its dimensions as degree of warmness decreases and it becomes imperative to increase a heat and reduce friction on both fronts on collective and individual level.

Gifts becomes a crucial way to having fun and reducing the entropy of emotional factors which are bound to arise in this month of the year. Christmas-the most celebrated festival among christian is also becoming popular in India as symbol of exchanging gift for spreading love, warmth, brotherhood and being kind to all. As we are imitating western culture, Christmas and New Year becomes an epitome of celebration with cakes, flowers, gifts etc. At the last moments of the ending year people forget their tensions, and rejoice the moments in larger than life image.

Cakes becomes the best way of celebrating and wishing for sanguine future ahead. Flowers with their fragrance gives a sense of objectivity in life to move on. People send wishes through cakes and flowers and online gifting portals has made it easier to convey the thoughts in the most succinct way.

Winni.in celebrate the month of December with variety of gifts like photo-frames, photo engraves, mugs, stands,teddies etc. Jewellery can be marvelous gift for the occasion. handicrafts  and divine idols are very common in getting blessing from Almighty. Winni provide a range of items to celebrate the love and prosperity for the coming years.

Welcome to the Gifting Season- the season Celebrating Relations

There is nothing that brings smile to your loved ones face like a pretty jewellery set, amazing handicrafts, stylish watch, scintillating goggles etc as a gift. Winni welcomes you to the Gifting Season where gifts are showered across to the loved ones. Diwali is the season of gifting wonderful things and spreading joy. There is gift for every one on this Diwali on winni. Online gift has become a convenient way of gifting with plethora of choices available on platform for gifting and has reduced the individuals effort to gift and share happiness to the loved ones.

Diwali is the season of gifting your loved and dear one with something which would spread  joy and happiness in their life ahead. This is the season of wishing your relatives a happy life ahead. Winni– The online gift store has brought so many items for the occasion for Diwali.

Children’s Day is also an important part of the season as people gift to their child with something unique. This is the right time for them to imbibe many habits and hobbies which could be useful min further life. Gift them with some thing that will enhance their creativity like musical instruments, educational toys available on winni.in for involving and augmenting their analytical skills.

Christmas and New Year time become very crucial time for gifting and sending gifts online is becoming common during this season. The variety of gifts and greeting cards available on the online gift portals proliferates the individual wishes of sending wishes to almost every one one knows.

The Season becomes very significant in people life as the interaction with your loved ones is more and exchanging of mere gifts increases the happiness and delight quotient.


A few moments which a person never want to miss.

Every person loves their child the most and always want to a smile on face of their children. They provide every necessary arrangements and things which would keep them happy. But in this world of competition and professionalism, the people are bound to miss the memorable moment which a person moment for always dream for. For example- The expression of happiness on child’s face when he receives a gift on his birthday from his parents. A fictitious picture gets conceived in the mind of parents that he might have felt. The natural reactions of the gift receiver after getting the gifts is the most satisfying and best moment for person who gives the gift .A small gift would allow you to gather so many moments of happiness which you have ever desired but how to feel those moments if you are not there.

Online gifting has revolutionized the gift giving concepts and has made it very easy. Online gifts has become a common scenario but no ones fulfill the above gap.Winni.in has come up with a new concept “Capture the moment” to address the above gap which develops in the heart. Winni clicks a picture of the person receiving gift with the gift and send it across to the gift giver. We have got a very good response as this generates a smile on the face of gift giver. Winni.in with vision of celebrating every moments of every relation and occasion is showing its relevance by these unique way to bestowing love on dear ones and getting a lively experience of that.

Winni is making its efforts to make a gift giving experience a journey of sentiments along with excitement in the real way for both person even if they are separated by distance. This is applicable to any gift ideas available on winni.in for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other occasion.