The importance or meaning of different types of flowers with different colour in our life

Different types of colours such as red, black, white, yellow, pink, blue, purple or many more are very precious in our life. Generally we are surrounded by different beautiful colours and normally take these colours for assumed. They can affect all our feelings, emotions and mood. Different colours is also an important communication appliance and they directly influence our well being. Every colour has a wonderful meaning and represent special emotional association in human’s mind. All colours often have different types of meanings in various culture. You can express your feelings or emotions with different colour flowers from Winni by online flowers delivery in Pune. Some different colour flowers  are…..

1 Red colour Flowers



Usually red colour is the symbol of love, energy, ambition and passion.  It is also the colour of anger. Red colour is traditionally the colour for wedding. This colour or red rose is used to express your love towards someone special. Red is the colour for good luck in eastern culture like china. It also increases hankering for food and other encouragement. The colour red can encourage the demand that why this colour used in restaurants for this purpose.

2 White Colour Flowers



White colour is the symbol of peace, innocence, purity, clarity, completion and wholeness. It is the colour of new beginning. This colour is cleanliness symbolize and the ultimate in purity. This is main reason why doctors wear white dress and also it is traditionally worn by western brides.

3 Black Colour Flowers

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Black colour is the symbol of danger and it related to the hidden, the secretive. This colour keeps things bottled up inside, hidden from the world. In colour psychology black colour means power and control. It consume negative energy so it is very useful to carry something black with you to protect you from danger.

4 Yellow Colour Flowers



Yellow colour is the symbol of friendship, practical thinker and relates to captured knowledge. This colour inspires original thoughts and interestingness. Yellow colour is the colour of mental aspects, new ideas and helping us to find new or innovative ways of something different things.

5 Green Colour Flowers



Green colour is the colour of spring, rebirth, harmony and balance. According to the meaning of colour perspective green colour is the colour of growth. This colour is the great balancer of our heart and emotions. That means it creating stability between the brain and heart.

6 Pink Colour Flowers



Pink colour is the symbol of unconditional love, romance and understanding.

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