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Let’s see today which one is your favorite cake.We will show lots of variety of cakes today.Which cake you want to have on your birthday. Let’s check different types of cakes. There are seven types of cakes which is in trend now which are normal flavors cakes, eggless cakes, heart shape cakes, shape cakes, photo cakes, drawing cakes and cheese cakes. Lets see what are the normal flavor cakes.

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General Flavors of cakes are: black forest cake, double chocolate cake, pineapple cake, vanilla cake. More flavors are: Kiwi flavor cake, choco truffle cake, butterscotch cake,mango cake, black current cake, blueberry cake, choco almond cake, choco walnut cake, choco vanilla cake etc.Now the eggless cake, the only difference in these cakes is eggless part. No egg is there in these cakes.Now comes to heart shape cakes. Hear shape cakes are in shape of heart. Sample image of cake is below.

Next is shape cakes. Shape cakes are very decent cakes. According to your theme party, one can go for shape cakes. For example cartoon shape cakes, weeding shape cakes etc. Now the photo cakes, these are very special cakes in which one can go for personal photo to be printed on the cake which is eatable cream.

Same with drawing cakes also. Drawing cakes are the one in which particular character is draw from cream. The difference between drawing cakes and photo cake is photo cakes are those in which your personal photo is printed on cake but in drawing cake one has to draw the particular character.Last one is cheese cakes.

Cheese cakes are made from cheese ingredients. Different flavors of cheese cakes are available like blueberry cheese cakes, mango cheese cakes etc. I think everyone wants to know that how can we order all these cakes. The simplest way is order online cake delivery in Bhopal. The most known company for cake delivery service is Winni. Winni provides all these types of cakes in Bhopal. One can also go for midnight cake delivery in Bhopal. The hot selling flavors are: black forest cake in Bhopal, double chocolate cake in Bhopal, pineapple cake in Bhopal, vanilla cake in Bhopal etc.

Moral of the blog: All variety of cakes are discussed. Cakes like shape cakes, drawing cakes, photo cakes, heart shape cakes and cheese cakes. Let’s see which is your favorite. Comment below and vote for your favorite cake.

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