How can happy every day!

Happiness is a journey of life. You can not being happy every time. But you can try being happy each and every single of time. As per my assumption now days people are not happy but they don’t know what things are missing. But every people have rights to being happy. I think following points can be help full to make happy life.



1.)Live in present:

The time of fun is today not in future. Some people every time thinking about future and those guys waste of time for thinking of future as per my opinion stop to thinking, Do work and after completed work will fun. Your life become a superb.

2). Try to have feelings of positive:

Learn to your past because you need peace of mind. If any person against of you then please stay away those people because they don’t want to understand your views.

3). Start your day with expectation

Every day you should have some small or big expectation from your life, When you rise from bed.

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4). Eat good quality of food

Some of the time we can’t abstain from scarfing something snappy to keep us up and running. All things being equal, at any rate once per day attempt to eat something truly delectable, similar to a little piece of  transported in chocolate .

5). Give a gift to others

Every person now days searching for fun and happiness. So we should create the different environment (happiness environment). You can give the gifts who are near by you. If your love one’s and best friend are  not near by you, Suppose these guys in Navi Mumbai then  you can send online cake delivery in Navi Mumbai and online flowers delivery in Navi Mumbai.

Finally, you know yourself much more compare with others. Firstly trust yourself other will start trusting you as well. You have to set goals. And take actions the goals.


How do I feel good about myself?

Firstly you should stop to comparing yourself to others. If you spend hours of day comparing yourself to others like friends, neighbor, relative and at end of the day, you are still there, where were you earlier? Comparing is the destructive element in our life and it is like destructive button of a machine. Comparing only waste of time.


How  to stop comparing yourself?

1) Realize that you can’t win or you lose something then you should be thinking about poor people or any other who are very cheap and sad compare with you.


2) Only compare yourself to yourself. Every people should compare you to yourself. Every day at sleeping off night you should think what you have gained today or not. If your result is ZERO then your day is the waste, If your result more positive earlier days then your are something achieved in your life.

3)You should be nice to others and yourself, Treat everyone with respect Because you don’t know which person will helpful for you in future.

If you can’t do all these things then start doing exercise and meditation.

If you’re desperate to strengthen your mind, a decent start is to strengthen your body. Your mind and body are forever coupled, and that they work best once each in high form. create regular exercise a part of your day to day life and you’ll not solely get in nice physical form, you’ll boost your brainpower additionally.


Activity like meeting with friends and making a social circle, spending time whenever free is also the good form of entertainment. Likewise one can order online cake delivery in Goa or online flowers delivery in Goa which will make everyone around you happy and refreshing. One can also choose Midnight cake delivery in Goa for Birthday surprise and celebration. So let’s try to follow all above steps.

How to celebrate the birthdays- online cake delivery in gurgaon

Birthdays are becoming one of those occasions in an individual life which is no lesser than a festival and the essence of celebrating become essential and people around the individual pours so many wishes through the various platforms available like facebook, whatapp or other social media. A person working in the office celebrates by cutting a cake which is ordered online nowadays. Colleagues opt for online cake delivery in Gurgaon to get the cake and make the friend and colleague happy.


Midnight cake delivery in Gurgaon is the option that people opt nowadays to impress their friends and relatives. This trend is common in bigger metro cities but slowly creeping in smaller cities. The culture is getting perpetrated through the whole country and the reciprocal patter is followed. If a person has received a cake on his birthday need to give the cake on the sender’s birthday. This has made the market to move at faster pace as now there is no hindrance in sharing the wishes.

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Winni offer the cake delivery service all over India in 488 cities which has created a system of sending cake and flowers to even remote corners and villages. The robust network of vendors makes it possible to bring smile on many faces. The mission is to make everybody celebrate birthday by cutting cake and evolves a culture of passiveness in the mind at least on one day. Birthdays are getting relevant and Winni with the unique vision is committed towards fulfilling it with great zeal and enthusiasm. So far many things have been achieved and many more yet to achieve. We are committed for the delivery of the cake and flowers to any part of India without fail. The variety is necessary to accommodate everyone so we have cake for everyone from 5 stars to normal cakes, eggless cakes to sugar free cakes, theme cake to photo cake . Flowers are also available for online flower delivery in Gurgaon which will definitely impress your loved ones.

What are some marvelous birthday wishes?

  1. May this year be your best ever.


  1. I trust all your birthday dreams and wishes work out as expected.


  1. A year more seasoned, as well as a year better.


  1. Here’s to one more year of experience.


  1. A basic festival, a social event of companions; here is wishing you awesome satisfaction,


a delight that never closes.


  1. A birthday is only the principal day of an additional 365-day travel around the sun. Appreciate the outing.


  1. Glad birthday, may this day dependably be an extraordinary one to recall.


  1. May the best of your past be the most exceedingly awful of your future.


  1. Trust your birthday blooms into heaps of dreams work out as expected!


  1. I seek that after each flame on your cake you get a magnificent amaze.
  2. May today be loaded with daylight and grins, giggling and adore.


  1. Glad Birthday and numerous cheerful returns of the day.


  1. The more candles, the greater the desire.


  1. Wishing you everything glad for your birthday.


  1. Wishing you miles of grins in the coming years.


  1. Wanting you to enjoy all that life has to offer for your Birthday.


  1. May everything you could ever want and wishes work out!


  1. Wishing all of you the fun and fervor that no one but birthdays can bring.


  1. Wanting you to enjoy all that life has to offer on your extraordinary day.


  1. Wishing you a bright birthday.


  1. All the best on your birthday and all through the coming year.


  1. Wishing you a Happy Birthday and numerous more to come.


  1. May the best of your desires be the minimum of what you get.


  1. Wishing you a glad and prosperous birthday and a sweet night of birthday dreams.
  2. I trust your extraordinary day will bring you bunches of bliss, love and fun. You merit them a ton. Appreciate!
  3. Have a great birthday. I wish your consistently to be loaded with bunches of adoration, giggling, bliss and the glow of flowers delivery in goa

If you want to send your wishes with personal message then is the best for online flowers delivery in Goa. You also send flowers along with cake delivery in goa and make the happiest moment with your partner. Wishes are more effective in the relation, Flowers are best gift in relations because flowers are so sensitive, beautiful and amount less. If your partner not taking with you then you can choose to send flowers and cake. After receiving flower, cake and personal message, your partner emotions can get melt and there will be emotional communication which will make your relations positive. You can share your feeling with online flowers delivery in Goa.

Online cake delivery in Kolkata – the service you cannot neglect.

Its regretting if a person is not available on their loved ones special moments. The birthdays and anniversaries are special part of celebrating life in the best way and celebrating these occasions are integral part of the life cycle. The human life is for fun, celebration, work, achievements and satisfaction. In the mortal life, online cake delivery in Kolkata is one of the method of the natives of Kolkata to get involved in such moments. The love shared is the loved produced. This is the only thing in life which indexes happiness with peace of mind and body. If the people around you are happy and want to lead a fruitful life them the atmosphere created will enhance the living factors.

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Kolkata, a crowded city with composite life style love to celebrate and has a niche feeling towards birthdays and it became very important to celebrate to get connected with the loved ones. Order cake in Kolkata through Winni and get the happiness loaded in life. Midnight cake delivery in Kolkata is another option of enticing your wife in the smooth and strong relation. The sense of urgency created with the midnight order makes the surprise worth and the happiness gained through that become costless.

The birth of the platform in the niche segment is not niche anymore and the companies are doing more to satisfy the customers. The market place segment has capacity to expand it all over India and the market is good in metro cities. Kolkata being the fascinating destination for celebration with cakes and flowers has become hotspot for many online delivery services. The keen focus on quality and the customer satisfaction plays a very important role in acquiring customer. Winni celebrate the spirit of people of Kolkata and want to serve Kolkata in the best possible manner.

Transformation of a software engineer to a baker

This is my really story. I am from India, and suddenly I thought of writing my personal views about my personal life. I think writing my story will generate more impact.


I have done B-tech from PESIT College Bangalore.  After completed B-tech I  joined one company(I don’t want to disclose company name) XYZ. I have done a job as a software engineer five years but my interest in cakes bakers was from childhood, I wanted to become company owner of cake baker’s but my family was little against from this concept(cakes). They hardly support me. But still, my interest was in opening cake bakery. I wanted to research in the cake and I want to discover different types of new flavored cake. Then suddenly I decided to leave my job. After ten days, I opened one cake kitchen in my house. Right now I am living in Navi Mumbai. In few days only I capture by colony market for delivering  cakes and everyone liked it also. Everybody love my cake flavors and appreciate after eat my cake. I got Awesome positive feedbacks. But it was my hobby, I didn’t get any profit from my hobby but my cakes got very demanding in a market. Each and every guy has supported me to go longer in this field. But I didn’t concentrate on this work and slowly and gradually I start receiving orders of good profit and after few years this small field turned into the high-class business. In 2012 my kitchen extended in all over India. After that, I felt little uneasy means not able to control and need more human power to maintain it. I found an idea of auto system Like E-commerce website. This was really easy for me because I was already having experience in this field.  In next ten days, i have implemented one E-commerce website name is Right now we are delivering the cakes around in 486 cities. We got demand from the customer of putting flowers also on the website and we started delivering flowers also. I have noticed and quite happy with the results of online cake business. We deliver happiness along the cake because cakes and flowers are the major gift for special purpose like Birthday, Marriage, Valentine, Mothers day, father’s day.



We provide cakes and flowers of too much variety. Cakes like Black forest cake, double chocolate cake, pineapple cake and vanilla cake. One can order online cake delivery in Navi-Mumbai. If someone needs combo of flowers and cake then too many variety of flowers like flower basket, flowers bunches, flowers bouquet, Designer flowers etc. One can easily order flowers in Navi-Mumbai. Let’s make all moments memorable for the whole life.


Mumbai is the city of delight and celebration- cake delivery in Mumbai

As the festive season is approaching the excitement is folding up and time for some spending and celebration has come up. The most important part of the festive season is sharing of love in the form of exchange of gifts. Gifts are not merely the tangible item but it also carries an emotion. The messages and the packing along with the gift becomes equally important as they are shared keeping in mind that the relationship is worth of that that both people communicate and the bond they carry. Gifts are also the form of the sharing the aura and the relationship quotient with each other. The eccentricity in the relationships is on many powers and the gifts make them neutral.

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Winni –online cake delivery in Mumbai has many gifts to be sent this Diwali in the most decorated way. Beside that the people who are having birthdays on the same day, they can send cake to Mumbai through the most reliable online partner. The flowers are the gifts on birthday to give in elegant manner. The variety in the cake makes the people of Mumbai to get lured of ordering the cake for their loved ones in Mumbai as people like it very much.

Midnight life in Mumbai is very lucrative and people usually go to bet late in night and the option of midnight cake delivery in Mumbai is the thing to look out for. The dream city for many struggler in any field of life love to cut cake just at the night as it might carry a sheer bit of luck. The celebrations demand many more wishes to be lavish and winni is committed towards it for making every person on this earth to celebrate the relations

Best Place for Diwali

Diwali is the biggest festival of India. Diwali is the festival of lights and joy. Diwali also called Deepavali, Means deep equal to Light and avali means in a row. It’s mean row of light. In this year,Diwali is on Sunday, October 30th, 2016.  Some people believed to be celebration of the marriage of Laxmi with Lord Visnu.And some people believed to be Lord Rama back along with Seeta and Laxhman to Ayodhya from 14 years Vanvas after killing Ravan.  Here’s list of places celebration during Diwali in India.


  1. Jaipur:

Jaipur also called the pink city.  Jaipur is the covers through lights on Diwali. Each and every street full covers of light.



Varanasi is also called Banaras considered as one of the holiest cities in India. Varanasi also full covers in light on Diwali. But one thing is different from others places that one is every people start day with bath in Ganga.


  1. Amritsar:

Amritsar has proverb ‘Dal Roti Ghar’, Diwali Amritsar d. On Diwali sixth guru Hargobind Sahib Ji freed himself from Islamic ruler Jahangir and arrived golden temple in 1619.


  1. Shri Lanka.

Lanka, where Sita was kept prisoner and Ravana was demolished in the epic Ramayana, is a typical place to observe Diwali. Hindus are moved in the middle and east of the nation, where Diwali spins around the lighting of lights and conveyance of misiri, dolls of sugar precious stones. Witness the generally calm celebrations on shorelines along the island’s east drift, where you can lease a coastline home, snorkel and swim in the Indian Ocean, and enjoy Singhalese cooking. Join the neighborly local people after dull to introduce the celebration of lights with brilliant services and ceremonies performed on the shore. Odds are, you’ll wind up in the place of a neighborhood for pooja and supper.


5 Goa:

Paper made unnerving looking representations of Narakasura, loaded with grass and sparklers, symbolizing wickedness are made on NarakaChaturdashi, and afterward torched around four in the morning the following day.

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For more entertainment do order cakes and flowers in Goa. Order cake delivery in Goa is very different way of celebrating occasions. There is huge variety of cakes available in Goa online of different flavors. According to taste buds, one can place order for their friends, relatives and parents. October is known to be the best month for celebrating occasions and entertainment. Enjoy the beach evening with the cake. The most selling flavors are black forest cake, butter scotch cake, pineapple cake and vanilla cake etc. Midnight delivery of cakes is also available in Goa.Don’t miss the moments and enjoy each and every step of your life.



Importance of flowers in our life.

Flowers plays vital role in everyone’s life and in every occasion whether it is happy or sad situation. If there is occasion of someone then we also welcome through flowers. We also use flowers for pray of god and temple use. Flowers are very important in all religion adoration. Because every flowers has own meaning like White color flowers meaning peace, red rose for the love(red is the color of love and romance) and Etc.

flowers importance in goa life
flowers importance in our life
  1. Red Color:

Red color flowers shows love , romance and respect to others. If you are proposing someone and you are going to party then you should bring the red roses for your partner or loved ones.


  1. White Color:

White color flowers shows admiration and peace of others. This plays very vital role in the peaceful places. Basically if you are going to meet some injured or sick people then you should buy the white color flowers for the person. It is believed that person feel better, refreshed and white flowers are meant for Good luck and health.


  1. Yellow Color:

Yellow color flowers are symbol of friendship. This symbolizes bonding in friendship. Yellow flowers make deep friendship. Many people gift yellow flowers on friendship day.



4.Green Color:

Green color is a symbol of youthfulness and spring. Green color flowers arevery graceful, Green color flowers are representation of growth.


Flowers have become perfect gift for any type of occasions. If you are confused of giving some gift then just choose right color of flowers online delivery in Goa. For each type of occasion different types of flowers are given. We cannot find each type of flowers on shops. For these hassles, here comes online flowers delivery in Goa which gives huge variety of flowers delivery all over Goa. Not only bunches but also so many types of designer flowers option is available. Winni provides garden fresh flowers in Goa with the best quality and designs. People can make use of midnight flowers delivery on Goa.  Let’s celebrate each and every occasions by sending flowers delivery in Goa.

Kinds of Online Services available

Internet has made our life easy going,time saving and wonderful. We can’t stay away even 1 minute from our mobiles and computers. So let’s see what kind of online services are available now days. All necessary things are available online today. Some of them are: online food delivery, dairy products delivery, beauty services, grocery products delivery, Online recharge services, clothing delivery services, online cake delivery services. All these are part of our life. It means a lot for a person who is working and can order all these things and fulfill all its basic needs just sitting at home. All you need is internet facility.

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The most demanding services among all these is online cake delivery services in Ghaziabad. The demand of online cake delivery in Ghaziabad has increased now days and people love to buy online rather than going to any shop. There are options available like cash on delivery or online payment for both the customers who want to order for themselves or want to send to their loved ones.

One of the popular online cake services is Winni. Winni offers best variety of cakes in Ghaziabad. All kinds of cakes can be ordered like shape cakes, drawing cakes, eggless cakes, photo cakes and many more. The main flavors which everyone likes are: black forest cake in Ghaziabad, double chocolate cake in Ghaziabad, pineapple cake in Ghaziabad, vanilla cake in Ghaziabad etc. Midnight cake delivery in Ghaziabad is also available. Do order these cakes and celebrate relations in best manner.