8 Brilliant Valentine Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Make this valentine the most memorable one for your girlfriend by gifting her some wonderful gifts that signify your love for her. When you are in love, everyday seems full of happiness and joy, each day you find reasons to meet up, to be close to each other, to be able to spend time together. To spend loving time together you and your girlfriend manage a lot of things, manage the relationships with other people in your life, managing work and daily chores. In today’s busy life sometimes to keep up with the pace of the world you need to dedicate extra hours for work to meet deadlines, to travel out of station or take up extra work due to missing colleague, all this happens in this real world. All this disrupts your and your girlfriend’s dreamy world of love, though she adjusts well and understands still it causes her pain and anger.

Valentine day is celebrated all over the world as day of love, so that lovely couples like you can spend time together and shower their love on each other. This is a day when you can make up for all the time that you could not spend with your girlfriend. Keeping this special occasion in mind, Winni has curated a special Valentine Gifts category for you, so that it becomes easy for you to find out what makes a right gift for your girlfriend.

So here is the list of 8 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Girlfriend

  1. Flowers are the best when it comes to expressing love. Nothing else can express love the way flowers can; Red roses bunch for valentine daythey are invariably the messenger of love and affection. Roses are one of the perfect gifts while expressing love. Red color roses signify passionate, undying, bold and deep love, pink stands for innocent, doting and blossoming love, yellow stands for exuberant, candid and cheerful love and white denotes pure, faithful, true and promising love. A big bouquet of red roses is a delight for heart and mind, you make an everlasting impression on your girlfriend by presenting her with such a beautiful bouquet along with your love and attention. You can easily order such lovely bouquet Online for Valentine flower delivery in Bangalore by using Winni.in.
  2. Chocolates work magically on girls, chocolates melts her heart while melting in her mouth. Oh lovely Just for the record - I love you chocolateChocolates!!! You can give chocolates that have messages on them, also you can add chocolates along with any other gifts and flowers that you are planning to give on this valentine to your girlfriend, she will surely be delighted. Nowadays chocolates are also easily available with different messages and wonderful looks, you can order Online for Valentine chocolates delivery in Bangalore where your gift package can include chocolates, flowers and more. You will surely sweeten her up!!! And what more you can expect when you will be able to convey your message right from a chocolate. Yes, it is possible with this chocolate, Just for the record – I love You in which message will be written on top of chocolate in form of white chocolate. This is really a stunner for giving as a surprise on this valentine day to your girlfriend.
  1. Cakes are great for any celebrations. As you celebrate your day of love a cake can make your celebrations Hear Shape Chocolate Cakemore special. You can order cake Online for Valentine cake delivery in Bangalore on Winni.in and chose from various flavors. Customized cakes are great for such occasions like heart shaped cake with a message of love makes a great choice as Valentine day gift for your girlfriend. If you are out of town this Valentine’s day then don’t worry you can send Valentine cake or Send Valentine gift online to Bangalore by simply placing an order on Winni.in and your gifts will be home delivered to your girlfriend in Bangalore. You will make her happy even if you are out of town. So, even in your absence, cheer her up by sending here favorite chocolate cakes in heart shape. As Winni is here to help you with online heart shape cake delivery in Bangalore on this Valentine day.
  1. Teddy bears with message of love makes your girlfriend fall in love with you again. Teddy bears are cute and Pink color teddy bearcuddly and your girlfriend would love to keep it close to her, cuddling and petting it will make her happy. These fluffy little gifts can generate tingling sensation in her heart and you will definitely find her more romantic this Valentine’s day after receiving a love teddy from you. You can order online for such wonderful and lovely Valentine soft toys  delivery in Bangalore. A sweet bundle of flowers, cake and a cute teddy with message of love will make a perfect Valentine gift idea for girlfriend. Make her feel cuter than ever on this Valentine day by gifting here such cute pink color teddy bear on this valentine’s day from Winni. Because nothing is more wonderful than seeing your girl on cloud nine, dancing with a teddy bear all over in her home.
  1. Love Greeting Card expresses your love in the way you cannot. Not all of us are blessed with poetic charm, I love you greeting cardso you can take help of a Love greeting card to express your feelings in a beautiful manner. You can find a variety of cards online with messages; you can choose the one that describes your feelings best and order online for Valentine greeting cards delivery in Bangalore. Your girlfriend will love to receive such beautiful expression of your feeling and will cherish it forever. In case you are out of town , sending greeting will make her feel more closer to you. Easily you can send Valentine gift online to Bangalore by using Winni. And greeting cards never fail to express your feelings and emotions. All you need to do is to pick up the right greeting card which holds your feelings in form of wonderfully written words in them.
  1. Mugs with love messages also make a good choice as a valentine day gift for your girlfriend. The mug will I love you sweetheart mugremain with her for most of the time at office or home reminding her of your love and affection. The loving message on the mug will bring out a lovely smile on her face each time she sees the mug. In case your are out of town this valentine day , make your girlfriend feel special by sending Valentine mugs online to Bangalore by ordering on Winni.in. Your gifts will be delivered to your girlfriends place, office or home on Valentine’s day and she will be delighted and surprised beyond words. And mug works as a perfect collectible, which a person always tends to keep it with herself. Always reminding her, the day when she received it as a gift, and that special person who gave her on that special day.
  1. Photo frames of various shapes and styles make a good valentine day gift for your girlfriend. She can use the Photo frame - you are my everythingphoto frame to display her favorite and having a glimpse of it will always make her happy. Even better if you put some wonderful photographs of both of you in the frame and then gift it to her, her heart might skip a beat on receiving such a lovely and thoughtful gift on this Valentine’s day from you. You can choose from a variety of love and couple mugs on Winni.in and place an order online for Valentine photo frame gift delivery in Bangalore. Just like this beautiful photo frame displayed on right side. Which holds many captured moments of your life, spent with that wonderful person, encased in a cute heart. Such photo frames, can hold memories of life time in form of pictures forever. No matter you are near to her or not, but she will always remember you even by a glimpse of this photo frame.
  1. Gift Combos which include bundling a number of valentine gifts into one and giving to your girlfriend makes Cakes flowers and chocolate combo by Winni.inyour valentine day extra special and memorable. Gifts given with love and genuine feelings can make bonds which lasts forever, thoughtfully choose a gift that highlights your relationship with your love. Sometimes one gift cannot completely convey your feelings and affection, then you may choose to present a gift combo containing multiple gifts to express your love. You can include all of the above listed gifts to make a perfect gift combo this valentine. Each gifts signifies and defines your love in a different manner so you can use them all and shower your love and affection on your girlfriend. So go ahead and choose from a number of Love & Valentine Gift Combos on Winni.in and get Valentine combo gifts delivery in Bangalore. Having combos at your rescue, you need not to think multiple times about what other things you can gift with a product. We made several combos keeping in mind this special day of your life. Such that, this Valentine’s day becomes unforgettable experience in your life, and we would love to make it happen for you.

These lovely gifts will make your girlfriend really happy and give your relationship a boost, Valentine day gifts will charm her and make her forget any of the past issues that you might have had. Valentine day is a day of love, celebrate your love and have a great time. You can send Valentine gift online to Bangalore easily by using Winni.in and make up for the loss of not being present in Bangalore beside your girlfriend. Make her day and make this Valentine ’s Day one of the most memorable days in your life. For more gifting ideas log on to www.winni.in

Winni.in wishes you Happy Valentine’s day

How people can send Cake for the people in Bangalore?

cake delivery service in bangaloreThe cakes has been an integral part of the birthday celebrations in western countries since the middle of the 19th century. Certain rituals and traditions, such as singing of birthday songs, associated with birthday cakes are common to many Western cultures. And from last 10 years, it has been vastly increased in urban India as well. The cake delivery in Bangalore has now become easier with the emergence of online shopping and people are now believing in the behavior shown by the online retailers. Sending cakes to Bangalore has now become an easy task because of the evolution of technology and its enabled services.

IT enabled services has taken a lead in the market and is employing people at the most significant rate. We at Winni are experiencing and understanding the intensity of feeling and love they want to share with their loved ones. We try our best to make the customer happy and provide the best service with focusing on the key values of writing their messages personally with our hand and then attaching it with flower and cake. We not only deliver cake but we deliver message as well. The words have great value when they are accompanied with the cake or flowers. We take utmost care and deliver it with so much grace. We even wish the recipient for good well being and great years ahead. These qualities make us different.

We deliver the cakes in all parts of Bangalore including Marathahalli, HSR layout, Kormangla , Indiranagar, Whitefield. We deliver in offices as well in Homes. We even allow people to choose time and try to make it on time. We are very proactive in inculcating the customers feedback. Our website is responsive so people can order even from phone from anywhere ,while traveling,while in office etc.

Winni is offering a package of cake delivery service for Bangalore where your personal message would be written and put along with cake and flower, Capturing the moment for the particular time when the receiver is receiving the gift, anonymous gift delivery where sender is not willing to reveal the name and want a surprise.

Which is the best cake to be sent for any occasion in Bangalore?

The new culture and the new practices has evolved in the society and Bangalore is one the first to emulate the new changes. Usually the changes that happens in the society like mode of celebration, the lifestyle, the show for esteem and all the wants that get converted into needs. Every things and every change happens because of so many small reasons. The busy and competitive life of corporate has made a person more mechanized and materialistic. The more materialistic they become, the more they are far from sentiments and every thing and feeling requires some support to elucidate a feeling in much better way. In contemporaneity it has become mandatory send gifts on birthdays may it be the cake and the flower. The feelings those were expressed by words from near ones is now considered only a formality. So many people like to order cakes online especially for Bangalore  while staying at different parts of India and world.

The most favorite cake of the people is the Black Forest Cake . In some of the houses the cake has become synonymous with black forest cake flavor. Even the look of the cake makes the person feel of its explicitness. The flakes around the cream with the chocolate layers gives the viewer a feeling of rich quality and flavor.  The most loved cake in India as it it available in small cities as well. We at Winni.in  has sold the maximum number of the particular cake. Thus we are able to identify that the Black forest flavor is most liked by people all over Bangalore.l

People from smaller cities also send this flavor to their friend, relatives who stay in Bangalore. Most of the online cake delivery is in Marathahalli in Bangalore. The ares is well dominated by Non Kannada people  who are basically from other parts of India. The people can place order online and get the fresh birthday Order Birthday Cake Online in Bangalorecake in the most reasonable price.

Birthday cakes home delivery in bangalore – the new way to get closer

Birthdays are most important occasions in an individual life as person celebrate the day with much happiness and delight. Every one want to rejoice the moment in the best way with the friends and family. Mostly party doesn’t get complete with two things; the cake and the drink. The cake is the delectable part of the party and party only looks like a meeting without cake. What birthday is to an individual , cake is to birthdays. Family and relatives want to send cakes to their loved ones on the birthday in-order to wish the person completely. Online cake delivery in Bangalore has become thus very important in making celebrations complete.

Prompt service is the most important part of the cake home delivery service and most of them are offering free delivery in order to gain an advantage in the market. They also offer same day delivery service to make it more convenient and hassle free for the customers. More over many are offering midnight delivery of cakes just for extra bugs. So the surprise is on and people like to surprise the birthday person with the midnight delivery.Service being the crucial key point in the market for online cakes as delivery time is very important because of the emotions those are attached with the delivery of cakes.

Another important thing is the quality and freshness of the cakes. No body could have imagined that cakes would be available online and too with so much design, flavors and shape. People initially were skeptical about the quality of the cake but sense of doing online business and too many players in the domain has increased the quality of the product very swiftly. Along with this the variety and options has increased a lot as person can choose from plethora of cake available. The most common cake being the black forest , butterscotch , pine apple , vanilla, dark chocolate, dry fruit mixed chocolate, fruit and chocolate, blueberry, orange, mango, cheese mixed etc. The emergence of internet and then further online shopping has given a platform for buying and sending cakes online to anyplace across the world. All this has been possible because of the advancement of technology and people becoming tech savvy day by day. Bangalore having the largest number of internet user has largest online customer base and thus it has become a very promising market and many players want to cash and capture the market as early as possible.

WinniOnline cake order in Bangalore has made a mark in the sector and providing a trustworthy solution of shopping cakes online and sending it in the best way to Bangalore. The market for online cake delivery in Bangalore is multiplying and has promising future. Now people are getting accustomed to online shopping and order cake online in Bangalore is becoming very prominent in them.

Order birthday cake online in bangalore- delivery at your doorsteps

A new culture is evolving in Bangalore in the shopping arena as most of the e commerce start ups took its birth from here. People are getting used to online order of items from electronics to consumer goods to groceries. Now the online ordering for bakery product is also taking leap as many famous bakery chain are getting into the domain. The busy life of people along with workload pressure has created a sense of lethargy among people and thus they are ready to pay for the extra delivery charge and prefer to order online.

Internet has brought many sea-changes in the life style of the people and also lead some degree of impatience among people. Secondly the online shops are accessible in your phone and you can visit more than 10 shops in less than half an hour. In the case of offline shopping of cakes person has to visit the store once for ordering the cake and second time for picking up the cake. The ease of ordering the cake online has made people life easier and the competition in the market has made the quality of product and service better.

Winni.in is such a website catering to online cake delivery in Bangalore. It has variety of cakes for all category like eggless cakes, sugar free cakes, drawing cakes, structure cakes and photo cakes. Order the cake online and get the delivery within 4 hours all over Bangalore on same day. If the person want to send the cake to the person, he can pay online and can choose the date and time for delivery. The cash on delivery option is also available as most people like to have a look at the cake and then pay. Many like to order for midnight cake delivery in Bangalore as the people want to surprise the loved once very early. Winni.in has gained a trust in the Bangalore market and going well with the cake and flower delivery all across the Bangalore.online cake order in bangalore




Midnight cake delivery in Bangalore – Guaranteed Delivery

The emergence of new market for ordering the cake and gift at the midnight in order to surprise the loved ones – showing the behavior and importance of the relations in the society. The surprise has become a new factor in impressing a a person as suddenly he starts feeling that he is so special. People started showing their emotions and sentiments in much subtle way because of the high degree of eccentricity among the relations. Midnight Delivery of cakes in Bangalore is the new trend and behavior which is catching its speed very quickly.

For many it is the comfortable mode of sending the wishes at the most appropriate time. Due to busy schedule of work a person usually leaves home in the morning and does not have time to celebrate the occasion, thus the best time is the midnight delivery of cakes and flowers. Birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated at midnight only because of the situational conditions. Many players have entered the domain of delivering cakes online all over Bangalore and are charging extra for the midnight delivery and people are willing to pay the extra amount for the delivery.

Winni.in guarantees midnight delivery of cakes all over Bangalore along with the options of choosing services like capture the moment. Winni has cakes in many categories like eggless cakes, sugarfree cakes,  drawing cakes, shape cakes and photo cakes. Winn is having having cakes for birthdays of kids, parents, teenagers etc. All the cakes can be delivered midnight. Flowers are one of the most common thing to be sent ob birthdays for midnight delivery along with the cakes. We have variety of flowers available for ordering online and getting it delivered at your doorsteps. Free home delivery of cakes are  also available during day hours. With keen focus on customer satisfaction and ease of use the company is getting accolades for its commitment to the customers.Midnight cake delivery in Bangalore




Same day cake delivery in Bangalore- variety of options available

People are so busy in their schedule that many time they tend for get the special occasions of their loved ones. They remember the occasion on same day and want to wish the person in a nicer way and want to send cakes, flowers in the form of wishes to their loved ones. The problem lies with that in such a short notice of time any company can process the order and make the person delighted and happy. The demand for same day cake delivery in Bangalore has gone up in the recent years because friends want to celebrate pal’s birthday and want to arrange every thing at the last stage. All this is becoming possible as cakes are available on the same day and winni wants only  4 hours to process the order. The cakes are fresh and bakes just 1 hour before it get delivered.

Winni.in has plethora of cakes for all segment like kids, adults, vegetarians, diabetics etc and all can be delivered same day. Person can go on the category http://www.winni.in/c/4/cakes and select which ever cake one want according to the taste of the individual. The cakes are available in 1/2 kg , 1 kg and more options. The person can add the product to the cart and go for purchasing. The best part of the cake is that it is available cash on delivery and person can pay after receiving and checking the quality of cake.

Designers cake are also available and can be order on same day  especially drawing cakes. Any thing can be drawn on the cake with the edible cream in any flavor. The service provided by winni is unique and trust worthy. Winni also deals with the midnight cake delivery in Bangalore with guaranteed focus on timing of delivery. People can order same day midnight delivery till 8 pm in the night and there will be guaranteed midnight delivery of the product.Online cake order on same day

Eggless Cake delivery in Bangalore- A vegetarian Delight for Celebration

The cake and Bakery industry has done a lot in the last few years and has evolved as a comprehensive and suited products for all people. In India rather in Hindus many sects are vegetarians and they abstain from taking even egg. Everyone like to celebrate special occasions and cut cake but were not able to do so because they are vegetarian Knowing the market for the certain people the bakery industry came forward with a solution of not using egg in baking and rather using egg less powder to soften the cake. One cannot figure by the taste that the cake contains egg or not. Many websites are providing online cake and giving an option to choose from all flavor even in egg less category.

Winni has variety of option in the egg less category and charges are almost same as normal cakes.They are available in 1/2 kg, 1 kg, 2 kg and more. Moreover drawing cake and 2D and 3D cake can be prepared in egg less category. Now egg is not the constraint in enjoying and rejoicing special moments. Online delivery of cake in Bangalore is available within the same frame work. Almost every bakery is making the egg less cake on customer demand. Order the cake online in Bangalore and get it delivered at your home free of cost.

Initially cheese flavors were not available in the egg less category but now each and every flavor is there and thus even taste cannot be compromised. The main flavors are black forest, butterscotch, blueberry, pine apple, vanilla which has no obligation for being with egg. Sugar free cakes can also be made egg less. Home delivery of cakes are getting popular in Bangalore and in the busy schedule of the people, the online cake delivery services are making the celebrations possibleeggless cake delivery in bangalore

Birthday Cake delivery in Bangalore- traversing wishes a long way

Wishes and compliment becomes very important for the receiver and sender as emotions are attached with the wishes. Family wishes becomes very much vital for the person staying away from them as the person feels more happy and delighted. If the same wish is accompanied by flower and cake then the happiness turns into exhilaration. In order to turn people’s birthdays into day of cheerful and buoyant , so many companies came into being to fulfill these needs of the people who want to convey compliments to their loved ones. The phenomenon is most common in Bangalore The online cake delivery services in Bangalore are trying to woo the customers with their new innovative product and service.

Birthdays being the most integral part of an individual life cycle when he feels important to others as people loves them by doing an extra bit to make you happy jocular and gleeful. Many arrange a birthday party to show their immense love and respect to the birthday person. These things are getting embedded in the life style and has turned out a culture where the party starts from the midnight when the day breaks.

Birthdays can be defined as day when you get fringe benefits of attachment, intimacy and warmth from your loved ones along with the proclivity of wishing a sanguine and assured future. All these things comes in packages and thus Winni also tries to make the packages for your celebrations in the best way taking care of your budget and emotion both. Winni offers a variety of options of selecting birthday cakes at the minimal price. The combination consists of cakes , flowers , greeting cards and gift items. Every thing is available online and customer can order cake online to surprise the person by flexibility of choosing delivery time.

If the cake is along with the wishes then the quality of cake and service becomes equally important as your emotion because they symbolize the sentiment that sender possess for the birthday person. Winni consider the the emotions first while delivering the orders.

Order cake online in Bangalore
The online cake and flower delivery

Birthday cake delivery on same day in Bangalore

Birthday celebration has undergone a phenomenal change within the last decade and has climbed the ladder swiftly. Society is changing so the mode of celebration is and celebrating birthdays has become a culture especially in urban India. The behavior has turned int a trend and people like to celebrate with the cake. The market has also expanded because of the increase in portfolio of cakes like eggless cakes, sugarfree cakes, drawing cakes, photo cakes etc.

The emergence of social media also addedThe Online cake delivery service on same day to the market because social media reminds the persons birthday but on the same day and every one want to wish their loved ones and friends. A few of them want to send the cake and flowers also. Usually the online cake delivery on the Bangalore on same day become impossible for many cake delivery service providers because of the time consumed in preparing the cake and planning to getting it delivered. The person also become conscious of the quality and timing of the cake.

The person need not to worry about the celebration of their loved ones. Many website has started doing same day delivery and winni.in had gone ahead on focusing especially on same day delivery of cakes all across Bangalore. Winni need just four hours to delivers cakes, flowers and gifts all over Bangalore with guaranteed quality of product and service. The cake is fresh as is baked after the person places the order. It also provide choice to choose from variety of cakes in egg-less, sugar-free and customized cake category.

People also send cake to Bangalore  along with the wishes to their children and relatives working in the IT Firms and look for good presentation and accurate timing of the delivery of cake and flowers. The design and presentation of the product is extremely beautiful and make the receiver delighted. Along with this, winni takes care of the surprise as delivery executive does not call the person until it reaches to the receiver’s home. Technology is used to locate the place and proper update is given to the sender for the delivery.

All these things makes us apart from other cake delivery service provider.