Mumbai is the city of delight and celebration- cake delivery in Mumbai

As the festive season is approaching the excitement is folding up and time for some spending and celebration has come up. The most important part of the festive season is sharing of love in the form of exchange of gifts. Gifts are not merely the tangible item but it also carries an emotion. The messages and the packing along with the gift becomes equally important as they are shared keeping in mind that the relationship is worth of that that both people communicate and the bond they carry. Gifts are also the form of the sharing the aura and the relationship quotient with each other. The eccentricity in the relationships is on many powers and the gifts make them neutral.

online cake delivery in Mumbai

Winni –online cake delivery in Mumbai has many gifts to be sent this Diwali in the most decorated way. Beside that the people who are having birthdays on the same day, they can send cake to Mumbai through the most reliable online partner. The flowers are the gifts on birthday to give in elegant manner. The variety in the cake makes the people of Mumbai to get lured of ordering the cake for their loved ones in Mumbai as people like it very much.

Midnight life in Mumbai is very lucrative and people usually go to bet late in night and the option of midnight cake delivery in Mumbai is the thing to look out for. The dream city for many struggler in any field of life love to cut cake just at the night as it might carry a sheer bit of luck. The celebrations demand many more wishes to be lavish and winni is committed towards it for making every person on this earth to celebrate the relations

Women’s Day- Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity

It took a long way to emancipate women since the evolution of civilisation existed. The accomplishment of the women all over the world is trying to break the ceiling and more over has been successful in the last few years. The courage and braveness of women has transcended the boundaries of oppression and discrimination and has moved beyond victimisation emerging as new leaders converting their struggle into triumph. Right from 19th and early 20th century from suffragette movement for “Right to Vote” till Irom Sharmila’s resistance, women has traversed many demarcations but still many need to be done.

Celebrate the womanhood in your life in grand style with the cake order online in Bangalore. The love and affinity should not be recognised but also be celebrated with so much of respect. Respecting women is like celebrating the substance that made the world grow with the ethics and morale. The flowers reminds of the different women in your life as some are with thorns and some are very gentle and requires much attraction. Send flowers online from at very reasonable price and make the moment as moment of their life.

This is the occasions which man and woman can celebrate with equal zeal and eagerness by ordering cakes, flowers and gifts online which will definitely weave an unseen bond , realisation of that may lead to uncommon but a nice undefined feelings which cannot be quoted in words. Send the message along with the gift only only through Winni Gift combos from Winni.inwhich can make your moments much more special than you would have ever though off.



Celebrate the Republic Day by ordering cake online in Bangalore

online cake delivery in bangalore marathahalliOn Birthdays, people send cake to their relatives to celebrate the special moments and in order to make those moments possible many worked together more than five decades ago, to give us our freedom and rights. We celebrate many moments in life and love to cherish our dreams and those have been possible only because a certain number of intellectuals has the capacity to form the guidelines of society taking care of anarchy and monarchy in the consideration.

Had the Cake cutting culture was more prominent at that time, many would have celebrated the day with cake. And even now many can celebrate their freedom with the cake among your friends. Winni is celebrating the republic day by offering variety of cakes to send it across to your friends to celebrate the  freedom and agility in life that we enjoy. Now it has become easier to celebrate every reason and ordering cakes and chocolates online  in Bangalore with guaranteed Quality and delighted environment.

In the busy life a breather of an off day makes a person feel more relaxed and love to do common things which became subdued somewhere. Just a small gestures like ordering cake online for Bangalore for family and rejoicing can even change the mood of the family.

Winni offers cake in Bangalore with a complete solution for all your celebrations making it exactly in time frame and thus increases the value of your sentiment a little more. We don’t deliver cakes, we convey emotions.


Cake Order Online in Bangalore- best way to nurture your relations

A decade ago, it was very hard to believe that ever cakes can be ordered online and can be delivered at a particular time. Mobile has revolutionized the mode of communication and internet has made an unbelievable change in the shopping behavior of an individual. The birth on umpteen of online retailers and positive response of the people towards the product has worked as a stimulus to the eCommerce market irrespective of product or service domain. The market expanded first into the non-perishable product and now to perishable products like cakes and flower. Ordering cake online for Bangalore on various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and others of your loved ones has become a way easier. Winni has revolutionized the mode of celebration of the people loving in Bangalore where a person can order cakes online and get it delivered to the home at the time of the individual choice. People want to send surprises to the loved ones and most of them want to send the cake which make the moment timeliness and emotional.

“What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.”

William Henry Davis reflected the thoughts way back and people living all across Bangalore are in the same mode. The emergence of the online order of cakes and flowers has paved the way of rejuvenating the relation and mood for a longer time as people love to be loved on special days and usually expect surprises. These surprises create an exigency for the midnight delivery of cakes in Bangalore and thus availability. Most of the retailers are focusing on same day delivery of the  cakes and people make the preparation of celebrations just before the occasion.

Winni keen on taking care of the sentiments of the people and deliver fresh and quality cakes and flowers on just a demand of few hours before.There are many more things that we do to make the customers delight convey the wishes in the best manner. There are services associated for sender also which can make them happy and ecstatic.

We are having our online cake delivery service all over Bangalore and free delivery in Areas like MarathahalliCake Order Online in Bangalore, Kormangala, Whitefield, Indiranagar, HSR Layout and areas nearby ITPL.

Cake delivery in Bangalore– Not a celebration Material but bonding material as well

The effort for creating a relationship might be less but to maintain it for a longer time requires a lot of effort and commitment. If not pampered the gap can become large and then no bridge can connect the gaps. The above though looks very cosmetic but it is thoroughly applicable across individual and collective scenarios. The relationship between two individuals, two entities, individual and entity-all are valued now and most of the people are aware how useful a relationship can be for anyone. To make the relations and put veneer to the relations, delivery of cakes and flowers can be the best option. Just remembering special occasions of an individual and sending cakes and flowers can make a person feel more loyal and sweeter towards the sender.

Most of the companies are extending this type of support to their employees and dedicate some amount for these employee benefits. People feels exhilarated and always remember those moments. online cake delivery in Bangalore marathahalli–the online gift store in Bangalore provide the home delivery of cake in Bangalore marathahalli with the mission statement of making every person to celebrate the relations at the fullest and with the extreme zeal. Thus the cake is not only a cake but it carries an emotion and sentiments and which bonds together many relations.

The online cake delivery in Bangalore has been prominent in many areas like marathahalli, Indiranagar, Kormangala, HSR Layout etc

Which is the best cake to be sent for any occasion in Bangalore?

The new culture and the new practices has evolved in the society and Bangalore is one the first to emulate the new changes. Usually the changes that happens in the society like mode of celebration, the lifestyle, the show for esteem and all the wants that get converted into needs. Every things and every change happens because of so many small reasons. The busy and competitive life of corporate has made a person more mechanized and materialistic. The more materialistic they become, the more they are far from sentiments and every thing and feeling requires some support to elucidate a feeling in much better way. In contemporaneity it has become mandatory send gifts on birthdays may it be the cake and the flower. The feelings those were expressed by words from near ones is now considered only a formality. So many people like to order cakes online especially for Bangalore  while staying at different parts of India and world.

The most favorite cake of the people is the Black Forest Cake . In some of the houses the cake has become synonymous with black forest cake flavor. Even the look of the cake makes the person feel of its explicitness. The flakes around the cream with the chocolate layers gives the viewer a feeling of rich quality and flavor.  The most loved cake in India as it it available in small cities as well. We at  has sold the maximum number of the particular cake. Thus we are able to identify that the Black forest flavor is most liked by people all over Bangalore.l

People from smaller cities also send this flavor to their friend, relatives who stay in Bangalore. Most of the online cake delivery is in Marathahalli in Bangalore. The ares is well dominated by Non Kannada people  who are basically from other parts of India. The people can place order online and get the fresh birthday Order Birthday Cake Online in Bangalorecake in the most reasonable price.

Which area is the maximum potential market for online cake delivery in Bangalore?

Bangalore being an IT hub has people who has migrated from all over India and they are the first one to imbibe the western aspirations and culture. The celebration for birthday with the cake has become a common phenomenon and more over people like to send cake from other metros to their children, relatives etc.

The maximum potential on online cake delivery in Bangalore  is in the Whitefield and ITPL surrounding areas and the vicinity enclosing the SEZs like Marathahalli, Outer Ring Road, Bellandur, Sarjapur Road, HSR layout, Kormangala, Indiranagar, Mahadevpura and many more.

The BTM Layout , Jayanagar is the hub for bachelors who joins newly to Bangalore either in Job and search of Job. They have more craze of buying things online . There is a good market for cake delivery service as these people like to celebrate a lot and celebrate without cake is just a meeting.

There a number of companies on Hosur Road from Dairy Circle ton Bommanhalli to  electronic city. has well channelized supply chain for the ares for the delivery of cakes, flowers and gifts.

The central Areas of Bangalore like MG Road, Queens Road, Frazer Town , Market , Richmond circle and Lalbagh are also well connected as most of the important person dwell and this is the preferred destination for meetings and Conferences.

The new ares for the IT Hub development is the north Bangalore- Hebbal and Yelahanka. Many people stays in Kalyan Nagar, Banaswadi who works in the new hubs of IT for bangalore

The western Areas is also not behind as it has many colleges and college crowd loves to celebrate and cut the cake a lot. The student section of Bangalore has new zeal for tasting variety of cakes. This is one the very good potential market for online delivery of cake. delivers the cake in all these areas with huge focus of quality of cake as the cake is baked just 2 hours before it is delivered. Winni has expanded all across Bangalore and has made a mark by delivering the cakes in these areas.


Birthday cakes home delivery in bangalore – the new way to get closer

Birthdays are most important occasions in an individual life as person celebrate the day with much happiness and delight. Every one want to rejoice the moment in the best way with the friends and family. Mostly party doesn’t get complete with two things; the cake and the drink. The cake is the delectable part of the party and party only looks like a meeting without cake. What birthday is to an individual , cake is to birthdays. Family and relatives want to send cakes to their loved ones on the birthday in-order to wish the person completely. Online cake delivery in Bangalore has become thus very important in making celebrations complete.

Prompt service is the most important part of the cake home delivery service and most of them are offering free delivery in order to gain an advantage in the market. They also offer same day delivery service to make it more convenient and hassle free for the customers. More over many are offering midnight delivery of cakes just for extra bugs. So the surprise is on and people like to surprise the birthday person with the midnight delivery.Service being the crucial key point in the market for online cakes as delivery time is very important because of the emotions those are attached with the delivery of cakes.

Another important thing is the quality and freshness of the cakes. No body could have imagined that cakes would be available online and too with so much design, flavors and shape. People initially were skeptical about the quality of the cake but sense of doing online business and too many players in the domain has increased the quality of the product very swiftly. Along with this the variety and options has increased a lot as person can choose from plethora of cake available. The most common cake being the black forest , butterscotch , pine apple , vanilla, dark chocolate, dry fruit mixed chocolate, fruit and chocolate, blueberry, orange, mango, cheese mixed etc. The emergence of internet and then further online shopping has given a platform for buying and sending cakes online to anyplace across the world. All this has been possible because of the advancement of technology and people becoming tech savvy day by day. Bangalore having the largest number of internet user has largest online customer base and thus it has become a very promising market and many players want to cash and capture the market as early as possible.

WinniOnline cake order in Bangalore has made a mark in the sector and providing a trustworthy solution of shopping cakes online and sending it in the best way to Bangalore. The market for online cake delivery in Bangalore is multiplying and has promising future. Now people are getting accustomed to online shopping and order cake online in Bangalore is becoming very prominent in them.

Cake Delivery in Bangalore – best way to send wishes and compliments

IT sector in India employs huge number of people in India and a large chunk stays in Bangalore. Due to western influence the mode of celebrating and wishing the near ones has changed and in the age of individualism, the relationships become utmost important as the person expect a lot from their loved ones on the special days like Birthdays, Anniversaries etc. These are most common for the people in the IT Sector as they are the most advance person to imbibe the cosmopolitan culture and also love to celebrate the moment in the best manner.

The most important way of conveying wishes to someone who is far away from you on occasions like birthday anniversaries or certain festivals is to send a cake and flower along with the wishes. It is by sure that person will feel the best in the world by receiving these things as it will make him feel more important. A new comers who recently joined a MNCs in Bangalore receives gift from his parents will definitely exhilarate the person and every person will love to accept the token of love. Online cake delivery in Bangalore is thus playing a very pivotal role in carrying compliments and maintaining relationships. came forward with the idea of serving people with utmost care by delivering happiness along with the gifts, cakes flowers and sharing of the memorable moments.

The relationships are very delicate and it need nurturing and pampering. The online cake order in Bangalore for a friend can make the bond very much stronger for sure and will make you feel a much happier person. Sending the cake and flower online also makes a person better human being as he is considered as a loving and caring person who remembers the important days of other person’s life and love to celebrate those moments as well.cake delivery service in bangalore

Order birthday cake online in bangalore- delivery at your doorsteps

A new culture is evolving in Bangalore in the shopping arena as most of the e commerce start ups took its birth from here. People are getting used to online order of items from electronics to consumer goods to groceries. Now the online ordering for bakery product is also taking leap as many famous bakery chain are getting into the domain. The busy life of people along with workload pressure has created a sense of lethargy among people and thus they are ready to pay for the extra delivery charge and prefer to order online.

Internet has brought many sea-changes in the life style of the people and also lead some degree of impatience among people. Secondly the online shops are accessible in your phone and you can visit more than 10 shops in less than half an hour. In the case of offline shopping of cakes person has to visit the store once for ordering the cake and second time for picking up the cake. The ease of ordering the cake online has made people life easier and the competition in the market has made the quality of product and service better. is such a website catering to online cake delivery in Bangalore. It has variety of cakes for all category like eggless cakes, sugar free cakes, drawing cakes, structure cakes and photo cakes. Order the cake online and get the delivery within 4 hours all over Bangalore on same day. If the person want to send the cake to the person, he can pay online and can choose the date and time for delivery. The cash on delivery option is also available as most people like to have a look at the cake and then pay. Many like to order for midnight cake delivery in Bangalore as the people want to surprise the loved once very early. has gained a trust in the Bangalore market and going well with the cake and flower delivery all across the cake order in bangalore