Gifts Exchange Becoming Common Through Online Gift Portals

The practice of giving gift on occasions and festivals was very common in ancient times and the cultured has derailed down to contemporaneity. Gifting has become so important today to share your love and respect. Today online gift portals has emerged to accomplish the need of people in choosing and sending gifts to their near ones even if they are far away.

In ancient times people gift many things to their loved ones on festivals and occasions. The birth of gifting lies in the barter system where favors and transactions were exchanged through things. Though the development of monetary transactions has made easy to measure the value of a particular thing but it is considered a taboo if you are giving something to your relations with a value tag attached to it. Therefore gift came into picture. In the old people used to gift animals, piece of land to others but now it has been changed and derailed to eatables and show pieces.

Gifting your near ones during occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, house-warming, marriage etc has become a common thing and people do gift to maintain bond and relation. Since the essence of developing relationship is increased in this monotonous and materialistic world, the relevance of gifting is proliferating in the same manner. Now it has been customary to gift on Diwali, Christmas, New Year to near ones which has augmented the gifting market many folds.

Thus gifting has become a need of the society and got embedded deep into the culture. Supply is also creating demand as the gifts are being categorized by incidents like Sorry, Thank you, just like that, Mothers day, Fathers day etc. The gift giving culture is also becoming of utmost importance even in the corporate so as to build company employee relation. Acknowledging the fact that the market size in increasing and gifting has become a trend, many online portals came into existence targeting different segment and positioning differently. Now everyone is rushing to capture the larger chunk by providing discounts, investing on promotions hugely and more focus on local customers.

There have been a lot of changes in the gift giving pattern and the product chosen for gift. The most common item for gifting is the flowers and bouquets which suits almost every occasion. People gift the flowers to attach an emotional feeling to the person. Birthdays celebrations have become synonymous with cake cutting and thus many flower and cake online portals have also integrated gifts items along with these items.

Many online gifting are also focusing on personality based gifting where gifts are decided by gift giver based on a questionnaire which sender has to fill according to the personality of the receiver. Many online websites are using social media to extract their personal information like friends’ birthdays of a person and then send a set of gifts which can be given to that particular friend according to his choices and selections on social media. has come up with innovation in service to lure customers of group gifting and capturing the moment and many more..

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