Transformation of a software engineer to a baker

This is my really story. I am from India, and suddenly I thought of writing my personal views about my personal life. I think writing my story will generate more impact.


I have done B-tech from PESIT College Bangalore.  After completed B-tech I  joined one company(I don’t want to disclose company name) XYZ. I have done a job as a software engineer five years but my interest in cakes bakers was from childhood, I wanted to become company owner of cake baker’s but my family was little against from this concept(cakes). They hardly support me. But still, my interest was in opening cake bakery. I wanted to research in the cake and I want to discover different types of new flavored cake. Then suddenly I decided to leave my job. After ten days, I opened one cake kitchen in my house. Right now I am living in Navi Mumbai. In few days only I capture by colony market for delivering  cakes and everyone liked it also. Everybody love my cake flavors and appreciate after eat my cake. I got Awesome positive feedbacks. But it was my hobby, I didn’t get any profit from my hobby but my cakes got very demanding in a market. Each and every guy has supported me to go longer in this field. But I didn’t concentrate on this work and slowly and gradually I start receiving orders of good profit and after few years this small field turned into the high-class business. In 2012 my kitchen extended in all over India. After that, I felt little uneasy means not able to control and need more human power to maintain it. I found an idea of auto system Like E-commerce website. This was really easy for me because I was already having experience in this field.  In next ten days, i have implemented one E-commerce website name is Right now we are delivering the cakes around in 486 cities. We got demand from the customer of putting flowers also on the website and we started delivering flowers also. I have noticed and quite happy with the results of online cake business. We deliver happiness along the cake because cakes and flowers are the major gift for special purpose like Birthday, Marriage, Valentine, Mothers day, father’s day.



We provide cakes and flowers of too much variety. Cakes like Black forest cake, double chocolate cake, pineapple cake and vanilla cake. One can order online cake delivery in Navi-Mumbai. If someone needs combo of flowers and cake then too many variety of flowers like flower basket, flowers bunches, flowers bouquet, Designer flowers etc. One can easily order flowers in Navi-Mumbai. Let’s make all moments memorable for the whole life.


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