A Themed cake- For your themed Party

Cake is a piece of craft, that glee your eyes and enchant your taste buds. Whether it is the party of a kid, teenager or an adult, the most awaited parts of the party is the cutting of the beautiful cake. But if it’s a themed party with a beautiful themed cake in Bangalore matching the person’s theme then it will double the happiness of the party. A themed beautiful sweet cake elevates your senses as soon as you take a bite of it. Now a day’s ordering a beautiful and themed cake and to be part of celebration is just a mouse click away, which will add the sweetness and liveliness on any occasion. A cake is the kind of gift which suits for all your occasion.

Different themed cake for your different persons and occasions

1  For your girl kid- Barbie doll cakeBQ

Source: truelocal.com.au

Barbie doll is considered to be the most beautiful looking doll. It can attract kids to young girls and mostly loved by your little princess. Barbie doll has a charismatic personality. Barbie cake themed party is one of most innovative idea to celebrate your special occasions. Especially, when you are celebrating the birthday of your little princess or you know any young girl who is super fond of Barbie dolls. This Barbie doll themed cakes are sure to leave your girl child amazed.

2  For your prince- Spider man cakeP2

Imagine how incredible and imaginative it would be to have an image of your choice character over the cake? Plan a Spider man themed cake for your boy kid and it will surely leave him amazed. Now there are various 3D cakes are available on the market specially for your kid’s party like Chota Bheem , Spider Man, Tom& Jerry,Super Man, Car cake, Doraemon, dinosaur, teddy bear, Aeroplane cake, dolls in park cake, bag cake, hello kitty cake, Kanieya And Friends Cartoon cake and many more .

3  For boy’s party- Beer Kingfisher cakeP3

The perfect outfit or center of attraction of a boy’s party is a beer kingfisher cake. It will make the party more interesting and make the celebration double.

4  For wedding, anniversary, valentine day- Heart shape cakeP7

Source: sliceofitaly.com

Gift the delight of sweet and deep love in the form of a heart shaped cake. The best way to convey your heartfelt feelings is to present a heart shaped cake with your personalized message.

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