Add a special touch your wedding with different flavour of wedding cakes

One of the best parts of wedding is the beautiful or testy cake. The wedding cake is a very important part of the celebration and signify much more than just a tasty dessert. Everyone spend a lot of time just to find the right or beautiful cake for their special day. A gorgeous wedding cake take center moment in the traditional cake cutting ceremony, symbolically the first responsibility that bride and groom perform jointly as husband and wife. The first piece of wedding cake is cut by the bride with the help of the groom. A wedding cake has to taste yummy or wonderful as well as being beautiful to look at. There are many different or wonderful types of wedding cakes to celebrate wedding. Winni offers you to celebrate all your special occasion or celebration with a yummy cake by online cake delivery in Delhi.  Winni cakes have the perfect balance of flavour, taste and freshness. You can choose different size, design and flavour cakes according to your occasion.

1 Red Velvet Cake1


Wedding should be remarkable with memorable and beautiful cakes. The red velvet cake is perfect for to celebrate our most memorable day. This gorgeous cake is a deep red colour but tastes like chocolate sponge cake. It looks gorgeous or impressive but it usually quite simple. Not only does the cake taste incredible, but it is coloured.

2 Chocolate Cake2


The second popular or famous wedding flavour cake is chocolate. Chocolate flavour cake remains to be one of the most popular wedding cake with so many different levels of richness and options for flavour pairing.

3 White Chocolate with Raspberry Cake333


Combining the sweet or delicious richness of white chocolate with the astringent fruitiness of raspberry is a leading combination that is climbing in popularity in now a days.

4 Vanilla Cake42


Many people or couples are choosing to go with tradition with a vanilla flavour wedding cake. It is an excellent and fun flavour cake

5 Pink Champagne Cake78 Source:

Pink champagne wedding cakes are most unique wedding cake. The pink colour of cake is achieved with food colouring dye. This cake is one of the better way to celebrate your wedding with your life partner.

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