Make life a celebration with different festivals

India is a land of different types of amazing festivals. The different types of festivals in India will surely provide you a happy memorable experience. The rich culture and tradition of India can be proven by the distinct religious festivals that are celebrated. The festival celebrations are marked by exchanging of beautiful gifts. You can choose different types of gifts from Winni by online gifts delivery in Bangalore. Festivals are celebrated with much fun and happiness. The most five important festivals that are celebrated in India:

1 Holi


Holi is commonly known as the festivals of colours. It is celebrated with a lot of joy, fun and happiness across the country. On this festival people make huge Holika bonfires and dance around it. All people energetically throw different types of colours, water all over each other and have parties, dance. Bhang is also a most important or traditionally absorb during the Holi celebration. Holi is really a very joyful festival that’s with great fun to participate in if you don’t mind getting dirty.

2 Diwali



Diwali is popularly known as the festivals of lights. On this festival houses are decorated with different types of beautiful candles, fancy lights and clay lamps. These lights during Diwali celebration represent the victory of good over evil and also brightness over darkness. The significance of this festival is the return of Lord Rama after a long exile of 14 years along with his brother Lakshmana and wife sita. On Diwali celebration people worship Goddess Laxmi for wellbeing, monetary wealth.

3 Raksha Bandhan



Raksha Bandhan is celebrated widely across the India. This festival is the celebration of the love or bond between a brother and sister. During this festival celebration the sister ties a rakhi on her brother’s hand with wishing his wellbeing and in return the brother promises to protect his sister throughout their life.

4 Ganesh Chaturthi



Ganesh Chaturthi, the birthday of Lord Ganesh is one of the most important festival of India. It is a 10 days colourful celebration. During this festival celebration different cultural program like singing and dancing are held. After 10 days the Lord Ganesh statue is taken and drowned into a river.

5 Dussehra



Dussehra is the celebration of 10 days of worship of Goddess Druga and fast. It celebrate Lord Rama’s appeal of Goddess Druga before going to war with the devil king Ravana and also Goddess Druga’s victory over the devil Mahisasur. This festival celebration is followed by cultural songs and dances and people dress in traditional wear. People celebrate this festival with exchanging of different sweets and gifts with each other.

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