Customized Cakes- Creativity and Perfection Regenerated

Many have sought for a cake with some stylish drawing or a well designed shape of cake on his or loved ones’s birthdays or special occasions. Usually people seek it for their kids’ birthday parties where it looks very eye-catchy and attractive. The Kid also feels very special as he can relate to or prefer that character the most. With the changing views and demand of people, the cake industry has equally excelled in creativity and perfection in designing ans shaping the cake. There are drawing cakes where the particular item is drawn with hands on the surface of the cake. The different color of creams are used to do icing on the cake with the given design. The cake looks very beautiful ans attractive. Mostly TV characters are  drawn on the cake like Barbie, Ben 10, Mickey Mouse, Dora, hello Kitty, Choto Bheem, Krishna etc. These are very favorite  to kids.

Shape cake market is also gaining momentum as people like to cut the cake which is having funky shape especially for fun etc. The Cakes are in Shape of Car, Mouse,  Whisky Bottle of different brand, Girl ,Teddy etc. Mostly college students, bachelors like to gifts it to their friends. The market and demand for the customized cakes are increasing. The photo cakes are also available as few people want to celebrate the anniversary so they ask for the photo of their marriage to be printed on the cake. The facility of printing on eatable cream has made this possible and the photo is attached on the cake. This becomes a thing to remember for their whole life.

Celebrations are becoming unique these days and so is the personalized factor in the mode of celebrations. provide the above drawing cakes, photo cakes, shape cakes according to customers wish and need. All the cakes can be designed in any flavor. It provide a free home delivery of these cakes all over Bangalore. We are also launching a section where person can design its own cake just like he design photos for printing on mugs, cushions etc.

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