Friendship Never Melts Away

In our life, so many valuable things, if I can say friendship may be one of the most important cannot be wrong right? We saw so many up and downs in our life, so many persons leave us in difficult situations but friends and their friendship always stands for us. To live life without experience of friendship is life without living. So we need to celebrate our friendship with lovely friends, as we know without cake celebrations looks incomplete or fade, so on this day we order cake online in Delhi to celebrate our relationship. We need interaction for survival. The perfect definition of a friend is “a person who believes you, a person whom one knows, your likes or dislikes”. So many persons look for different characteristics in friends, things that may be common in nature. Here we are going to categories our friends. The first one is a friend in the friendship is a friend. It’s beginning to all basics, and most important is start of deeper friendship, this type of person with whom you are is only known on a pure and basic level. This type of persons or friends may meet in the school level, at your work places, or somewhere.  They persons are very special because they always have mere smile and daily greeting. If she knows a person’s regular routine as well as waves if she seen in office or outside of workplace. So matter is we need to celebrate our friendship because friends do everything which in their hands suppose you are in very difficult situation where no options are available to survive, that time one of our friend come and help you out in particular situation. Let me tell you one beautiful story of friendship one friend name is rahul, he has three friends.  Rhaul is very poor boy his father is farmer, they don’t have money so much for spending on purchasing expensive items in other side rahul friend’s are very rich persons they have lots of money. One time rahul father tells him we don’t have money for paying your school fee so you don’t go to school tomorrow. After few days rahul’s friends didn’t see rahul in school they worried what happen why he was not coming in school. They decide to meet rahul, they went to rahul’s home and asked rahul what happen you didn’t come to school why. Than rahul said we don’t have money for paying school fees that’s why I left school now I m working with my father in farm. When they heard these lines in rahul’s mouth they feel very bad. They don’t tell anything rahul and went to home. After few days school principal send one notice to rahul’s home, his father was not able to read this letter he asked to rahul to read this. When rahul start reading this notice he feel very happy because in this letter principal said that you come to school every day your fee was paid by your friends. This is called true friendship so celebrate this kind of friendship with us by order midnight cake delivery in Delhi.  In our life friends are very important we have to respect them or their friendship.