What is Relationship?

What is Relationship? Is it being someone’ partner? Is it getting and receiving a moral and emotional support? Does it require open communication about everything from sex, personal values, and the future? Is the relationship real? Has the relationship survived the boundaries of commitment with supreme faith? Is it putting so many daily hours of delving into each other and asking what we are made off?


To answer so many question, empirical research is the requisite. All these questions lead to misunderstanding which are inevitable in any relationship. There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. It’s futile that people go for perfection. You will argue no matter what. It’s not healthy if you don’t fight because arguments make you feel how much you want your relationship to work. Everything cannot be agreed upon. That’s a mirage.

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Make the relation soothing with the exchange of gifts like online cake delivery in cities like Allahabad, Kanpur, Lucknow etc. Relationship teaches you more about being realistic understanding and patient. The trust factor also plays a very important role in keeping the relationships alive and awesome. Scripts and overthinking can kill the relationships.

Eventually it’s all about balance which is maintained by both side and getting bored with each other has new repercussions in relationships.online cake delivery in Allahabad

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