How Chennai celebrates its important day?

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The craze for living life of the people of Chennai is extreme. Recently with the release of “Rajnikanth” Movie, Tamil Nadu Government declared Holiday and theatres were tightly packed on Friday. Such is the intensity of people towards a star or movie. Is this some form of Man Worship? Or is it the way of living collectively and celebrating a form of entertainment as festival where norms and traditions are followed?

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The zeal and vigour which get generated in the people of Chennai with the release of movie cannot be understood as there is some factors which is larger than life and goes beyond the expectation of basic phenomenon. The people feel an ultimate relation with the character in the movies and becomes much more than entertainment as the degree of association becomes infinite. Even the hilarious punches of the stars become trends, dialogue and song become calling ringtone and the way of celebration become the moment of life.

The celebration in Chennai becomes like a religious worship and birthdays are celebrated with a great show. The person become exhilarated. There are so many IT companies in Chennai where so many people work, belonging to different states and culture. People from home town like to use service of online cake delivery in Chennai and like to order cake online for Chennai. Now it has become easier to send cakes online to Chennai.  There are so many cakes with different taste and flavour is available with us. The delivery can be dome within 3-4 hours of placing the order. There is a special service for midnight cake delivery in Chennai which is guaranteed.

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