Kolkata- A rich heritage culture and unique celebrations.

Since Kolkata was the main stay of English Government and was capital of India till 1911. The English impact of the culture and society can be seen very much. The English opened schools for English education and also emphasised on the propagation of Education through the proliferation of art and culture across Kolkata. The English Parties and celebrations has new colour and new code which finally gets embedded with the people of Kolkata. There were many literary activist who emerged at that time and shaded the keen aspects of society.

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The celebrations at that time had a distinct aura and consecrations for English. They usually celebrate with cake and wine followed by music. The people who got associated with the British culture also got influenced by them. There were many freedom fighters and freedom revolution which became very famous and their leaders were very inspirational and follow celebrations like Durga Pooja to arouse the felling of nationalism among the newer generations.

Source: dps-gbn.org
Source: dps-gbn.org

The online cake delivery in Kolkata is the new concept which is very much pervading in Kolkata. The people from Kolkata stays all over India and they love to send cake and flowers in the form of wishes so that their loved ones should not feel the absence of them on occasions as celebrations are one of the dominant part of life in Kolkata. There is a new liability in the relation is to care for it and satisfy the relatives in the best possible manner. The Bengali Culture though seems very individualistic but have the hunger for rejoicing the love and affinity. Special People send special cake for midnight cake delivery in Kolkata which definitely make a different impact. This is a very common among the people who are working with information technology sector and love to follow the aspirations and culture of the west.


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