Mumbai – impact on film culture on celebrations

The impact of films are very much visible on the people of India. The movies which many times acts as a mirror for the society also uproot the deep behaviour of people across India. The films has the maximum impact on the city of Mumbai and influence is maximum in the city. The busiest city in India has efficiency to emulate the cultures immediately as the barriers in the behaviour is very little and culture is more open. Many time Indian movies are inspired by foreign films and the culture shown exclusively in the films are so attractive which is established as a trend in Mumbai. The positive and negative both aspects becomes so inflammable that it entices the people especially youngsters to follow the music, dance and other things of art along with drugs.

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The cake cutting culture on birthdays is one of the things which has percolated in every society and now even touching the bottom of pyramid because of the entertainment media like television, FM, newspapers etc. This particular culture was propagated by Indian Films where the characters celebrated their birthdays with cake and followed by party and songs. Nowadays along with other ceremonies, people also like to send cakes on marriages as weddings cakes which is grand and good-looking.

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Looking at the need for the celebration and people from other parts of world want to send cakes and flowers to Mumbai to their loved ones, Winni has laid its foot in Mumbai with the promise of making every one to celebrate their relation is the best possible manner Winni has the service of delivering personalised and quality cake at the doorstep which are equally mouth-watering and delicious.  Birthday’s cake are awesome here and people has shown a lucrative response towards our website. Online Cake delivery in Mumbai has been easier and trustworthy with the Winni

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