The time of Nyx is appropriate for new celebration


Nyx, is the goddess of darkness and she is said to be the goddess of night too, in some of the versions about her, she is shown as a godly entity for all the creatures of night, including the legendary ones like Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, and Demons etc. considered as personification of night and darkness, she was considered as the mother of all creatures associated with darkness. Nyx was one of the Greek as well as roman goddess who is said to be in underworld but comes out in her domain at night to spread darkness everywhere, she is considered as elder of everyone as she is said to have existed from the time of creation in Greek mythology. She had many children which includes Aether, the air of gods personified; Moros, the god of doom; Apate, the personification of deceit; Dolos, spirit of trickery; Keres, female spirits of death; Oizys, goddess of misery; Monus, satire and mockery god; Hypnos, the god of sleep; Thanatos, death personified; Geras, old age personified; Eris, goddess of chaos; Hesperides the nymphs of evening and sunset; Oneiroi, dreams personified. These were her children, but some of her most famous children include the Moirais or the three fates who are said to be the one who controls life of every mortal from birth to death, Nemesis is considered one of the minor but popular deity of revenge while Hemera, her daughter who was the personification of day. This just shows that darkness like her could create her opposite, which shows that out of gloom and darkness, something light and happy thing can come out. Birthdays and anniversary are generally greeted by people at midnights it’s the start of a new day and remembrance of the day on which they were born or they were married, so one even gets gifts at this time due to this being the eve of their special day.


Hemera being daughter of Nyx shows that good can come out of bad or light can come out of darkness, their relation is said to be controversial in mythology. Midnight gifts can be considered as the gifts of Hemera for humans, the cycle of changing shifts by Nyx and Hemera is said to be the driving force behind day and night. Midnights gifts can have benefits like

  • Surprises them
  • Wakes them
  • Can make them happy
  • Can make them remember if they’ve forgotten

These are some of the benefits of online ordering midnight cakes which can make the start of their special day really special and full of surprises.