The Wedding cake- A small of History


Weddings commonly have been celebrated with a special wedding cake. Wedding ceremonies were finalized by breaking a cake over the bride’s head as a symbol of good fortune. The newly married couple then ate a few crumbs in the wedding costume and then eating together. Afterwards, the wedding guests gathered up the crumbs as tokens of good luck. The history of wedding cake comes from the Roman poet Lucretius, wrote that the breaking of the cake over the bride’s head delicate into crumbling the wheat cakes over her head. Once upon a time, the cakes concept arises from cakes were thrown at the bride as a symbol of fertility, called Catherine Gee. After that the cakes were used up, the guests were supplied with handfuls of confetto, a sweet mixture of nuts, dried fruit. Cake is an important part of the wedding festivity and continued to be so for hundreds of years.

The wedding can be more beautiful if there is a couple present on the cake. The wedding cake is the part of the marriage parade ever since antique times. Traditionally the bride would place a ring inside the couple’s portion on the cake to personify the approval of the proposal. Traditionally, before we cut two cake one is for bride and another is for groom. The groom’s cake was a dark coloured fruit cake and was quite small in size comparatively, the bride’s cake was a simple, but large pound cake with white icing, which was used to symbolize her purity.

But now the groom’s cake began to disappear, as the bride’s was becoming popular. Now a days different wedding cakes are available in the market. Let us make a pressure off your grand celebration and buy a delicious cake by order online cake in Pune for your guests. Greet the ultimate charm of the party with a well decorated wedding cake. To make your day memorable choose some curious wedding cake customs that are now long forgotten.

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