Unique Birthday Cakes- Imagination and Skill at work

Since Bangalore being at the helm of driving cosmopolitan culture in India, the reflection is clearly visible while celebrating their Kids Birthdays. As soon kids start going to school they choose a character and prefer to be get closer to the character. While celebrating their birthdays, parents usually prefer cakes in the shape of particular character. So Bakeries are also positioning their characters in advance to the customer. The cake may be of any TV character Doramon, Mickey mouse, Bart Simpson, Barbie, Ben 10, Hello Kitty, Chota Bheem, Krishna, etc with the flavors like black forest, vanilla, Pine Apple, Butterscotch, chocolate etc.

Kids become fond of the particular character and want the particular character on the cake. Many Bakers draw the character by hand on the cake with different color of cream and specialized training is provided to them to draw on the cake. Some prefer to take the photo of their kids in eatable ink and get attached on the top of the cake. That also remains in the memory of the child and people attending the parties. The shape cakes are also equally popular among kids and parents. Cake is prepared in the shape of the character in 2 dimensional and 3 dimension forms. They are very popular in corporate as well where cake is designed in the logo form to celebrate their annual days and success parties.

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