Celebrate the Birthday of Father of Nation: Cleanliness is next to Godliness

The father of nation was a socio-economic person and has many ambitions and one of them was ‘cleanliness’. Winni -the online cake delivery in Chennai celebrate the Gandhi Jayanti with the same concept of “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. The “Swacch Bharat Campaign” drive by Narendra Modi is making impact all over India and we are celebrating the Gandhi Jayanti by an initiative of cleaning the localities around our office. The employees are invited to join the initiative and they have given approval regarding the same. Further we have decided to go ahead with a step of providing knowledge about the clean environment in the slums.

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The cleanliness is one of the thing of the prime importance as it arises a sense of confidence and feel good factor among the people and thus the increase in productivity on social parameters can be established. The social parameters are measured in terms of “human Development Index” and the clean environment constitute a bigger part and it has become a prime need to people to keep the environment clean and healthy. The inherent understanding is required to be developed so that the cleanliness can be brought under the conscience in itself will drastically alter and improve the standard of cleanliness in India.

Source: v6news.tv
Source: v6news.tv

In spite of so many institution working for the environment, many government and private institution also need to get involved in the awareness of not making our common properties filthy and dirty. We have to draw lessons from the articulations and cynicism amongst the so many erudite who has been vertical of the campaign and are being sceptical about the success of the thought in making a  society as a better place to live in. Winni provider of midnight cake delivery in Chennai is committed to the thought and will help to the thought as much as possible.

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Source: dps-gbn.org

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