Birthdays: A Personal Day Celebrated by Many

Birthdays are very special for an individual and is celebrated collectively with friends and family. Do occasion impact and people generally appreciate the longevity? In this world of digitalisation where everything get a place on social media and comments become inevitable. The Birthdays has become an occasion of show and people like to share their celebration moments like cutting of cake, cake design, flowers on social media like facebook, twiiter, instagram, snapchat etc. On these people expect some expressions in the form of likes and shares. There is a social interaction happening online with the use of internet.


Due to the flourishing norm of making every one know about yourself and your activities -create a sense of competition and pressure of sharing your moments with world you know. There are many people who like to send the cake online even for tier 2 cities like Lucknow. The craze for the social drama has been saturated in Metropolitans but is increasing in Lucknow. The emergence of many educational institutions in the city has become a hotspot of birthday celebration and people from all over the India like to send Cake to Lucknow. Online Cake delivery in Lucknow has been a recent trending item.


The urban to urban migration has also been a factor of getting associated with your family and it has to be accompanied by cake and flowers. Lucknow being the city of aspirations and is learning to acquire the traditions prevalent in Delhi as being the nearest metropolitan. The facilities like internet penetration is also going rapidly which created a supply of these items online which also pushes the demand because of the options available. This also set an expectation of receiving a cake online inform of the peers which displays the love family towards an individual. Option like eggless cake delivery in Lucknow has also solved the problem of vegetarian people as well for those who are allergic to eggs.

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