Online Cake Delivery in Mumbai- A new concept to serve Mumbai people

Online cake delivery in Mumbai is not a new concept as many renowned players were serving Mumbai from a decade ago but the emergence of online retail and popularity of payment mode option has made many players to enter the market. At present there are more than 200 players operating in the field. The competitiveness in the market evolves the quality and prices at optimum level. The most important part being in the niche is the non availability of COD (Cash on Delivery). Most of the players target market being long distance relationship like capitalizes on the aspect of look of the product rather than feel of the product but we at winni has different approach where we take feedback from the customer for the quality of the cake, flower gifts along with the way of delivery.

online cake delivery in mumbai

Mumbai with its huge population and expanding to suburban areas of Thane, Badlapur, Dombivali, Amberghat, Panvel and many more has lot of potential for online cake delivery. The variety also affects the view of the customer. The people of Mumbai love to have options as being the most advanced people in India, therefore we have all variety of cakes like butterscotch cake, vanilla cake, chocolate cake, black forest cake and many types of fruit cakes along with theme cake as well.

Midnight cake delivery in Mumbai is an option which is very much loved by the people of Mumbai. They like to send surprise right at the night so that the person can feel his importance and for the city which works day and night are up always for it. The price factor also play role but a meager one as the people do not resist spending a small amount extra for the celebration of the moments. The value of the moment is immortal and many want to live it up to the fullest.

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