Birthday Celebrations becoming customary with cake cutting.

Umpteen cultures derailed from West to East and Celebrating Birthdays with Cakes is one them. Initially it was very common in higher strata of society but now it has become a common practice for all sections. The birthday celebration remains incomplete without cake or rather does not get started without a cake. Along with the birthday present, people started sending cake as well to make the celebration perfect and complete. This opened a need of services like cake delivery services which can operate through various modes like online, over the phone etc. deals with variety of cakes ranging from chocolate cakes like double chocolate, death by chocolate, Dark Royale, Toffee chocolate cake, Choco chips to fruit flavour like fresh fruit cake, mango cake, pine apple cake,  to signature flavour like Butterscotch cake, caramel chocolate, Black forest cake, Vanilla cake to iced cake like black current, blue berry cake, strawberry cake etc.

The all cakes are available in egg less category as well. Even the pure vegetarians can enjoy the taste and celebrate the occasion in splendid way. Some of the flavours are available in Sugar free category for diabetic people so that they do not restrict themselves from the celebrating occasions.

There are about 50 varieties of cake available on winni which can be delivered with a span of four hours all over Bangalore. The cakes are extremely fresh just prepared 1to 2 hour before delivery which one cannot restrict him for going for an extra piece.


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