Cake Cutting implies Fair division ( Pun Intended)

When Cake will be cut, then it will be divided equally. Party Celebration for many occasions like Birthday, Anniversary, Farewell, Success Party, New Year, Wedding usually start with cutting of cake but it is a custom to divide the cake equally among the people present in the party. There are so many techniques through which the cake can be cut into equal pieces and certain etiquette is followed during the party.

There are different types of cake which cater to different occasion like Wedding Cakes carry a certain design; Kids Birthday Cakes are shape cakes of some famous character like Mickey Mouse etc. People customize their cake according to their wishes more often. In that case it is very important that everyone should get equal chunk of cake. This also evinces that everyone who is invited in the party are equal and displays a sense of egalitarian in society.

Though there are many online cake delivery service providers but promoting this etiquette also comes in their pocket so that they also can promote idealism along with celebration. Winni is in favor of the ideal and trying to spread the concept of egalitarian society across.






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